The Galaxy Z Fold2 Has Convinced Me That Foldables Are the Future

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The first iPhone launched more than a decade ago, ushering in the modern smartphone era. Device makers have since toyed with various phone designs with physical keyboards, ticker displays, and modular components, but none of these ideas stuck. In the last few years, almost every phone of consequence has been a larger version of the original iPhone’s candy bar form factor. We’re due for a change, and I think foldables are it. I was encouraged by the first-gen foldables in 2019 and early 2020, but after using the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, I’m convinced we’ll all own foldables in the future. But maybe not the near future.

A Tablet in Your Pocket

The Galaxy Z Fold2 is Samsung’s second or third-generation foldable, depending on how you want to count. The original Galaxy Fold was

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