Dear Tim Cook, here are some new iPhone features I’d love to see in 2020

Dear Tim Cook,


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As the CEO of Apple, for the past several years I’ve written you with a wish list of new features I wanted to see on the next iPhones, as you prepared to launch the new editions.

Sometimes you agreed with me, like in 2016 when I requested water-resistant iPhones, and other times you passed, like in 2018 when I begged for a Wide Selfie mode to get more people into the shot – like Samsung offered on some phones.

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But as you prepare Tuesday to show the world what you have in store with four new models – beyond the extra power, faster processing, 5G connectivity and beautiful screens that you’ll surely be touting – may I go over a few things I’d love to see too?

I have a

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Tim Cook Gave This Simple Reason Why Being a $2 Trillion Company Isn’t Apple’s Most Important Thing

Tim Cook was a guest at The Atlantic Festival, where he sat for a virtual interview with Editor-in-Chief, Jeffrey Goldberg. During their conversation Cook talked about everything from climate change, to how Apple is handling the pandemic, both from the perspective of working remotely, as well as what the company is doing to help.

It was at the end of the interview, however, when things shifted to something more personal. Goldberg asked Cook first about whether he had plans to leave (he says he doesn’t), and then what impact Apple’s $2 trillion market cap had on the company (it sits at just under that as of today’s date).

We’ll get to Cook’s response in a moment, because I think it says a lot about Apple and what has long drawn its most loyal fans to the company. That’s an important thing right now as the company has faced criticism over

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Apple Gives Cook Up to 1 Million Shares That Vest Through 2025

Tim Cook

Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Apple Inc. said it is giving Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook new equity awards that could provide him with as many as 1 million shares by 2025.

The compensation, currently worth $76 million to $114 million depending on Apple’s share performance, gives Cook a new reason to keep running the world’s largest technology company.

The equity comes in two packages, according to a regulatory filing on Tuesday. The first comprises 333,987 restricted stock units that vest in thirds on April 1 in 2023, 2024 and 2025. The other has 333,987 units that will vest Oct. 1, 2023 and is based on Apple’s relative share performance over three years. Cook may get none of this award or 200%, depending on stock returns. If all goes well, Cook would get about 1 million shares in total.

“Tim has brought unparalleled innovation and

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Apple CEO Tim Cook predicts permanent remote work changes

  • Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said that the success of remote working during the pandemic meant the tech giant would not “return to the way we were.”
  • Some aspects of virtual working were here to stay, he said, without being specific.
  • But Cook also stressed the limitations of remote working, such as not having impromptu meetings with colleagues. He cannot wait to return to the office, he said.
  • He hoped most employees would be back in the office by the end of 2020, he added.
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Apple CEO Tim Cook said Monday that some of the tech giant’s new working-from-home habits were here to stay.

During the pandemic, the company has found “there are some things that actually work really well virtually,” he said in an interview at The Atlantic Festival. It meant Apple would not “return to the way we were.”

He didn’t specify

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Apple CEO Cook hopes wildfires, hurricanes, flooding will prove climate change


Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said he tries to focus on policy, not politics.

James Martin/CNET

Get Tim Cook talking about privacy, renewable energy or even the coronavirus pandemic, and he’s happy to give you his perspective. Talk about President Donald Trump, and he almost immediately wants to change the topic.

The dynamic played out several times with Cook, who participates in only a handful of interviews per year, while talking with the Atlantic’s editor-in-chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, in a video-recorded interview Monday. 

Goldberg asked about Cook’s conversations with Trump, who’s invited the Apple CEO to White House events on manufacturing and the economy. Cook said he didn’t want to share them out of respect for Trump’s privacy. Goldberg asked how Cook would rate America’s response to the coronavirus. Cook once again declined.


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Tim Cook Talks Apple Antitrust Probe, Remote Work, Relationship With Trump

Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook in an interview with the Atlantic on Monday discussed several events surrounding the consumer electronics company of late.

Apple All For Antitrust Probe: Cook suggested that he doesn’t find the lawmakers’ probe into antitrust allegations against Apple at all problematic.

“I think that big companies deserve scrutiny. And I think that’s not only fair but important for the system that we have in America,” he said, in response to a question on whether he was “bothered” by being asked to testify before the Congress alongside Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

“There is no monopoly here,” he told the Atlantic. There are “basically street fights” for market share, according to Cook, who claims Apple’s strategy to make the best products available means it can’t be termed a monopoly. 

“Somebody will choose a commodity product and there are enough people that buy the

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