The South China Morning Post reimagined visual storytelling to cover H

Following the passage of a bill that would allow extradition to mainland China in June 2019, a typically peaceful Hong Kong became the setting of massive pro-democracy protests. Plumes of smoke and tear gas obfuscated neon lights. Police clad in paramilitary gear clashed with protestors in T-shirts, shorts, and makeshift protective gear. The effect was a series of remarkable contrasts. “It was a story made to be told visually,” says Darren Long, head of graphics and magazine design for the South China Morning Post. And yet it was unlike any story his team had told before.

That story, the constant barrage of breaking news, also changed how Long’s team approached news coverage. SCMP’s visual coverage of the Hong Kong protests was incredibly robust, ranging from explainer infographics to in-depth timelines. But when you look at the scope of the SCMP’s graphics as a whole, they offer a

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