AG Letitia James vows to crackdown on tech monopolies in New York state

For a number of reasons. As we reviewed the list, we have concerns that a significant number of homeowners should not have been on the list as a result of negotiations that we conducted as the former public advocate of the city. For instance, one-, two- and three-family homes are not supposed to be on the list, senior citizens were not supposed to be on the list. Houses of faith, they’re not supposed to be on the list, and unfortunately, we uncovered a number of errors. And then last but not least, it’s really critically important that we support and promote homeownership in the city. And during this pandemic, during this time, we do not think it benefits New Yorkers, particularly homeowners, to go forward with this lien sale. And that’s why we’ve asked for a postponement and we reached out to the governor, and I want to thank the

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Campaigns sidestep Cambridge Analytica crackdown with new methods

“Your early vote has not been recorded,” one text message said, with a link for more information.

Other messages tell voters they are not registered, or offer unverified information about a political opponent.

Fraudulent messages like these are drawing attention as political campaigns ramp up data collection and voter targeting using their own technology to circumvent restrictions imposed by social media platforms following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook barred apps which scraped data on users and their contacts after revelations about the now-defunct British consulting group. But in response, President Donald Trump’s campaign and some activist groups are using their own methods.

“What we are seeing is almost more potent than in 2016,” said Samuel Woolley, a University of Texas professor who leads propaganda research at the school’s Center for Media Engagement

Woolley’s team, which examined messages such as the above-referenced ones, found that the Trump mobile app, and to

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Facebook, Twitter flounder in QAnon crackdown

But the social media companies still aren’t enforcing even the limited restrictions they’ve recently put in place to stem the tide of dangerous QAnon material, a review by The Associated Press found. Both platforms have vowed to stop “suggesting” QAnon material to users, a powerful way of introducing QAnon to new people.

But neither has actually succeeded at that.

Twitter is even

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Huawei says survival is the goal, as US crackdown hammers business

Huawei says it is in survival mode as continuous “attacks” from the United States threaten to choke off the Chinese company’s access to key technology.

a woman standing in front of a building: Photo taken Sept. 4, 2020, shows a Huawei shop in Beijing. (Photo by Kyodo News/Sipa USA)

© Kyodo News/Sipa USA
Photo taken Sept. 4, 2020, shows a Huawei shop in Beijing. (Photo by Kyodo News/Sipa USA)

“Huawei is in a difficult situation these days. Nonstop aggression from the US government has put us under significant pressure,” the company’s rotating chief executive Guo Ping said at a conference on Wednesday.

“Right now, survival is the goal,” he said.

Washington has ramped up pressure on Huawei, issuing fresh sanctions in May and August that further restrict the company’s access to the leading edge computer chips it needs to manufacture smartphones, 5G networking gear and other products.

Semiconductor companies that use American software and technology to design and manufacture chips can no longer sell to Huawei without first obtaining a license from the

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