Amazon’s home security drone may actually be less creepy than a regular camera

Mention drones and Amazon in the same breath, and most people will immediately think of the company’s grand plans for aerial delivery or maybe ill-advised late-night internet purchases involving the latest consumer flying machines. This week, however, Amazon announced a new kind of drone designed to patrol your house when you’re not home.

a screenshot of a cell phone on a table: Your new flying roommate is here.

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Your new flying roommate is here.

The Ring Always Home Camera made a lot of noise on social media after its debut yesterday. Coming in 2021, the $250 device will ship with its own recharging base, as well as a camera-equipped craft designed to get roughly five minutes of flight time per charge.


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According to Ring, the camera is designed for people who want to get a holistic view of their house when they’re not home without having to set up a group of always-on cameras that constantly monitor different

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