‘Follow the science!’ crowd sees mark of evil in a fly’s debate moment

It makes sense that the people who claim to “believe in” science as though it were a religion are a superstitious bunch after all.

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On Wednesday, during the vice-presidential debate, a fly landed on Vice President Mike Pence’s head. It stayed there atop his short white locks for about two minutes. The moment was humorous.

But for those who support the “follow the science” candidate, the fly was much more than a regrettable moment for Pence. It was an omen — something revealing a grave evil. Some in the news and politics business are reading into the debate fly the way ancient the Greeks read into animal entrails.

“I don’t think it’s ever a good sign when a fly lands on your head for two minutes,” failed GOP consultant and pro-Joe Biden activist Steve Schmidt said on MSNBC. “You know that’s a sign all

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‘Twelve More Years’ Crowd Chants as Trump Jokes in Atlanta

new video loaded: ‘Twelve More Years’ Crowd Chants as Trump Jokes in Atlanta



‘Twelve More Years’ Crowd Chants as Trump Jokes in Atlanta

President Trump complained to a crowd in Atlanta that “you can’t joke” about term limits, prompting the audience to chant “12 more years!”

“‘I told you he’s a dictator, we’ve been saying he will not give up power.‘ ‘Under no circumstances will he give up power.’ ‘He intends to serve at least two more terms.’ Oh, that’s a big story. You know you can’t joke because you joke, they take it away. You know a lot of times we have a little sarcasm in your joke, but you’re being serious. And then you start laughing afterwards. But they always cut it before the laugh — they cut it. So that they think ‘He’s serious. He wants — he wants 12 more years.’ They start

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The Latest: Judge declines to stay ruling on PA crowd size


A civic staff in protective suit arrives to disinfect an apartment where one of the residents tested positive for COVID-19 in Kolkata, India, Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020. The nation of 1.3 billion people is expected to become the coronavirus pandemic’s worst-hit country within weeks, surpassing the United States.


Pittsburgh — A federal judge on Tuesday declined to stay his own ruling that Gov. Tom Wolf’s size limits on gatherings are unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge William Stickman IV said the administration had failed to show “imminent and irreparable harm will occur” if the state can’t limit event crowds to 25 people inside and 250 people outside.

State officials had asked Stickman, an appointee of President Donald Trump, to delay enforcement of his ruling while they appeal.

Stickman’s ruling invalidated key parts of the Wolf administration’s early pandemic response, including his orders requiring people to stay at home and

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