Who will maintain CT’s cemeteries in the future? Volunteers struggle to find next generation.

BROOKFIELD — Thousands of Connecticut cemeteries are struggling to find the next generation to take over for their aging volunteers, raising concerns about what that means for the millions of dollars in their charge and the care of those interred there.

“There’s a huge gap here,” said Jeff Nolan, Central Cemetery Association’s treasurer. “The question is why is that gap remaining?”

Central Cemetery Association in Brookfield, which oversees Laurel Hill Cemetery, has spent three years trying to address the issue, but keeps hitting walls when seeking help.

“The remarkable indifference to this is a concern,” Nolan said.

The unsurety surrounding the future has led the association to consider forgoing volunteers moving forward and hiring full-time staff members that can oversee the cemeteries using the needed technology and training. They hope to do this by having associations partner up, join cemeteries that already have these resources or have regional government organizations

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