The One Smartphone That Can Defeat Apple’s Successful iPhone SE

With the launch of the iPhone SE, Apple knew it would have a hit on its hands. The diminutive SE matched the power of the iPhone 11 family with the A13 bionic chip, packed into a smaller device at a competitive price. That combination kept overall iPhone sales high as the coronavirus pandemic closed in on the world.

The iPhone SE’s marketing was built around matching performance. There’s very little performance difference here between the SE and the entry-level ‘regular’ iPhone. That’s about to change, as Tim Cook grabs the target market away from the iPhone SE.

When the first iPhone SE was launched in

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Trust in science to defeat COVID-19

Science is under attack by the White House. Our war-time president is exploiting the invisibility of the virus to hide it rather than defeat it. He politically weaponized masks – marks of is existence. He rejects testing — proof of its chilling reach. Now, he threatens to override FDA guidance on vaccine safety — promising its false, tainted end. “Warp speed” means Nov. 3. 

But, President TrumpDonald John TrumpNew Biden campaign ad jabs at Trump’s reported 0 income tax payments Ocasio-Cortez: Trump contributed less in taxes ‘than waitresses and undocumented immigrants’ Third judge orders Postal Service to halt delivery cuts MORE is merely monopolizing on another ominous problem. The growing divide between you and me. 

I’m a scientist, and my eyes are your direct channel to forming data-driven beliefs and actions removed from politics. But, I’m failing you with my silence. So, let me begin to bridge the divide.

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Microsoft’s Innovative Surface Pro Can Defeat Apple’s Radical MacBook Pro

Now that Apple has announced the new iPads and Apple Watches, the focus will turn to the delayed iPhone 12 family and the first ARM-powered MacBook. In a topsy-turvy world, the former should stand out in a pandemic disrupted market. The latter should bring Apple’s ability to innovate back to the laptop and desktop market.

Yet for all the talk of Apple’s innovation and cutting-edge technology, Microsoft is already there.

This new battleground will focus on laptops and tablets, and specifically on the move towards ARM-based processors. Tim Cook’s Apple has stated that the company is ‘all-in’ with this move, and it should be completed within two years. Although the Intel machines will continue to be supported (and

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