Families, Educators Dissatisfied With Computer Science Access

Computer science skills make it possible for students to engage, create and innovate in an increasingly technology-fueled society, and they prepare them for a quickly evolving job market, where computing occupations make up the majority of projected new jobs in STEM fields.

In the latest Google/Gallup study of the state of computer science education in U.S. schools, conducted in late January to early March, about half of U.S. students in grades 7 through 12 reported they had the opportunity to learn these skills at school. Forty-nine percent of students say they learned any computer science at school in the past year. Similar percentages of female and male students and Black, Hispanic and White students reported that they learned computer science at school.

Nearly Half of U.S. Students Learned Computer Science at School

Did you learn ANY computer science at school in the past year?

Overall Black
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