Oracle’s data science offering aids domestic violence research

Oracle’s data science offering aids domestic violence research

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Oracle’s data science offering aids domestic violence research


At Victoria University, we need a strong technology foundation so we can continue doing what we do best—providing a world-class educational experience for our students. Oracle has been our partner in making that possible and we have always been able to rely on cutting-edge technology, reliability, and security so we can

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General Atomics Is the Domestic Drone Surveillnce Name to Worry About

We live in a heavily surveilled country. According to a report from late last year, the U.S. has roughly one surveillance camera for every four people. That’s already a startling lack of privacy, but surveillance experts warn Americans living in cities could soon find themselves with essentially no privacy at all. They say we could soon enter a time when drones that were designed for the military are constantly surveilling our cities from above.

Barry Summers, an activist who researches military drone integration, tells the Daily Dot that he started thinking about domestic drone surveillance back in 2012 when the Los Angeles Times did a story on the Pentagon working with the FAA to open U.S. airspace to the drones they were using in the Middle East. He says he found this alarming, and eventually he started looking into what other information he could find out about the plans for

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Wildcats threatened by their domestic cousins — ScienceDaily

European wildcats, thought to be extinct 50 or so years ago in the Jura mountains, have since recolonised part of their former territory. This resurgence in an area occupied by domestic cats has gone hand-in-hand with genetic crosses between the two species. The hybridisation between wild and domesticated organisms is known to endanger the gene pool of wild species. In a study to be published in the journal Evolutionary Applications, a team of biologists from the University of Geneva (UNIGE), in collaboration with the University of Zurich and the University of Oxford, modelled the interactions between the two species to predict the future of the wildcat in the mountainous region of the Swiss Jura. The different scenarios modelled by the scientists show that within 200 to 300 years — a very short time in evolutionary terms — hybridisation will entail the irreversible genetic replacement of wildcats, making it impossible … Read More

How smart home devices are being used in domestic violence situations

Brisbane-based family lawyer Kay Feeney has seen a lot when it comes to domestic violence, dealing with forms of abuse that are both visible and invisible. Clients have come into her practice, Feeney Family Law, having been physically or sexually assaulted. They also come in having had their partners watch their every move by installing cameras in their homes, placing tracking devices on their cars, or constantly check-in through GPS applications on mobile phones to see exactly where they go.

She’s seen people who have so little control of their own finances they’ve had to stand at the check-out in the supermarket with a trolley full of groceries for their families, call their partners and ask for the exact amount required to complete the transaction, and wait for it to be transferred.

Domestic violence can occur in many ways. Its broad definition includes emotional abuse, psychological abuse, and financial abuse.

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