Findings come from new analysis of large epidemiological dataset — ScienceDaily

Children appear to be at greater risk of having high blood pressure when their mothers had the high blood pressure condition called preeclampsia during pregnancy — but this adverse association may be reduced or even eliminated for children who were exposed to higher levels of vitamin D in the womb, according to a study from researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

The findings, based on an analysis of data on 754 mother-child pairs in Massachusetts, suggest that higher vitamin D levels in pregnancy may help protect children born to preeclamptic women from developing high blood pressure. High blood pressure in childhood is associated in turn with hypertension and heart disease in adulthood.

The study was published online October 5 in JAMA Network Open.

“There is increasing evidence that cardiovascular disease risk is, to a great extent, programmed in the womb, and we now see that it

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IDF Epidemiological Investigation Center can handle 2,000 new cases daily

The IDF’s Home Front Command’s Alon task force and it’s Epidemiological Investigation Center can effectively deal with 2,000 cases a day with some 2,500 investigators but should the need for additional investigators increase, its capabilities will decrease.“We are building a very good system which can carry out a good number of quality investigations but every good machine has a limit,” Col. Relli Margalit, Commander of the Epidemiological Investigation Center told The Jerusalem Post. Earlier this week the IDF announced the establishment of the Home Front Command’s “Ella” unit which would carry out epidemiological investigations with new technology that would help the Health Ministry by streamlining and improving its ability to cut the chain of coronavirus infection.“The Health Ministry is great, but its small and can’t deal with everything. Of course, the military can’t deal with everything either but the Home Front Command is here to help solve problems that
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