HP says its face-tracking, heart-rate enabled VR headset knows when you’re overwhelmed


The HP Omnicept Edition VR headset adds face tracking, eye tracking and heart rate in 2021.


Imagine you’re training to be a pilot or a doctor, experiencing a simulation in VR with convincing images and tools that feel like the real thing. And not only do you get to know how you did afterwards, but you can see how you focused, what your pulse rate was and maybe even what you were feeling. 

VR headsets like Oculus Quest don’t look inwards to measure what we’re experiencing as we try new things, but some business-targeted VR headsets already have eye tracking to measure what a wearer might be looking at or interested in. The HP Omnicept, a new VR training platform announced today, goes further: It measures eye movement, face and lip movement, pupil size and even heart rate. It’s on target for release in 2021 and points to

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