Flux: Business technology firm helps clients keep working in pandemic

Resilience is part of the business plan at San Antonio-based DOCUmation. The digital imaging and business technology company handled the pandemic like it handles any other shift in the industry — it found a way to adapt.

As essential businesses looked for ways to minimize health risks for their employees, DOCUmation introduced contact-less thermal scanners that took a person’s temperature.

Co-Presidents Hunter Woolfolk and Preston Woolfolk say they learned early on about the need to adapt from their grandfather, Lou Scantland, who still serves as board chairman.

They watched as their father, Scott Woolfolk, and uncle, Lee Scantland, navigated an ever-changing industry. The company mpoved from selling copy machines to opening a print shop and offering information technology, software and phone support.

The brothers, who were born 14 months apart, worked every summer beginning in middle school, but it wasn’t until they graduated from Abilene Christian University that they were

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With Supply Chains In Flux, This 3D Printing Startup Fortified Operations

At the beginning of 2020, things were really falling into place for Boston-based Fortify. The young 3D printing company was planning a springtime move to a new headquarters with triple the floor space and room to grow, planning to start shipping their first 3D printers in the summer. Such big moves are significant milestones for any company, and all the more so when they represent the first tangible strides into the market for a four-year-old startup. That was, of course, all the plan before Covid-19 grabbed the globe.

While the pandemic has obviously been a hard-hitting operational disruption on top of the devastating health consequences so many have faced, Fortify has achieved its goals anyway — and then some.

“At a high level, everything became more logistically intensive,” Co-Founder and CEO Josh Martin, PhD, said with a laugh as we discussed the strategic shifts undertaken. The Fortify team has not

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