GE Healthcare Introduces New Edge Technology Designed to Give Clinicians Rapid Access to Critical Data

  GE Healthcare Introduces New Edge Technology Designed to Give Clinicians
  Rapid Access to Critical Data

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CHICAGO -- October 14, 2020

GE Healthcare today introduced Edison HealthLink, new edge computing
technology designed specifically for the needs of healthcare providers, that
allows clinicians to collect, analyze and act upon critical data closer to its
source. With 10 applications already available through Edison HealthLink –
including TrueFidelity image reconstruction, Mural Virtual Care and CT Smart
Subscription – the solution gives healthcare providers another entry point
into the Edison ecosystem.

While COVID-19 has accelerated the adoption of cloud technology, analyzing
data from a distance can pose various risks to operational efficiency and
patient care. Concerns around bandwidth, network and latency challenges remain
when a matter of seconds could determine the outcome for a patient. For
example, time is critical when diagnosing and treating stroke—around 2 million
brain cells die every minute^1 until 
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Give PC gaming a classic flavour with these retro controller Prime Day Lightning Deals

Nintendo has some of the biggest mascots in videogames, from classics like Mario and The Legend of Zelda’s Link to new ones like the Octolings from Splatoon, but the real characters have always been the company’s signature controllers. As PC gamers, we often forget about controllers unless they’re a flight stick to complete our Star Wars: Squadrons loadouts or fighting sticks to dominate the best fighting games out there, but nostalgia can be a powerful thing.

Whether you switched from consoles and want a blast from the past or simply want the authenticity of retro gaming, you can now get miadore’s N64 controller and iNNEXT’s SNES gamepads cheaper than ever in the UK. Both are USB-based and will work with emulators on various Windows, Raspberry Pis, and even Mac OS X. You don’t even need to bother with downloading a driver, as they’re entirely plug-and-play.

Since these are Lightning Deals,

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Kummers Give $300 Million to Expand Missouri U. of Science and Technology Programs (Gifts Roundup)

A roundup of notable gifts compiled by the Chronicle:

Knight Foundation

Nike co-founder Phil Knight gave $900.7 million to his and wife Penelope’s foundation. The couple primarily support scientific and medical research at the University of Oregon, Oregon Health and Science University, and other large institutions. They have also given extensively to Stanford University, where Phil Knight earned an MBA in 1962.

University of Oregon

Phil Knight gave $300 million for ongoing support for many of the university’s programs to which he has donated in recent years. With this latest gift, he and his wife, Penelope, have donated at least $1.1 billion to the university since 2007, with much of it directed to scientific research and related programs.

Phil Knight earned a journalism degree from the university in 1959 and went on to co-found Nike, the sports-apparel company.

Kummer Institute Foundation

Fred and June Kummer gave $300 million to establish

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Planet collision simulations give clues to atmospheric loss from Moon’s origin — ScienceDaily

Earth could have lost anywhere between ten and 60 per cent of its atmosphere in the collision that is thought to have formed the Moon.

New research led by Durham University, UK, shows how the extent of atmospheric loss depends upon the type of giant impact with the Earth.

Researchers ran more than 300 supercomputer simulations to study the consequences that different huge collisions have on rocky planets with thin atmospheres.

Their findings have led to the development of a new way to predict the atmospheric loss from any collision across a wide range of rocky planet impacts that could be used by scientists who are investigating the Moon’s origins or other giant impacts.

They also found that slow giant impacts between young planets and massive objects could add significant atmosphere to a planet if the impactor also has a lot of atmosphere.

The findings are published in the Astrophysical

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Why The COVID-19 Crisis Could Give The MENA’s Female Entrepreneurs An Edge

Around the globe, economies are beginning to reopen in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. The world is surveying the rubble left behind by the pandemic, and is turning its attention towards how to rebuild. Some industries have been hit harder than others– the road to recovery for global tourism, for example, will be a long one. Others have, perhaps against expectations, thrived. Just look to the largely cash-dependent MENA region, which has seen a near unprecedented surge in the uptake of e-commerce, digital banking, and fintech more broadly as consumers adapted fast to life in lockdown and quarantine.

© Shutterstock

Now increasingly, this world of social distancing, remote working, and even digital socializing has come to be referred to as “the new normal.” In other words, even if the pandemic really is beginning to fade, life will never return exactly to how it was. Even when the shopping malls

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Google to Increase Push for Apps to Give Cut of In-App Purchases

Google plans to push harder for developers to give the company a cut of in-app purchases through its Play app store, according to people with knowledge of the move.

The Alphabet Inc. unit plans to issue updated guidelines as early as next week that clarify a requirement for most apps to use Google’s billing service for in-app content downloads, game upgrades and subscriptions. This system gives the company a 30% cut of purchases inside of apps on Android.

While this requirement has existed for years, some major developers including Netflix Inc., Spotify Technology SA, Match Group Inc. and Epic Games Inc., have circumvented the rule. Netflix and Spotify apps prompt consumers to pay using a credit card, rather than their Play app store account, bypassing Google’s fee. Last year, Match Group’s Tinder dating app launched a similar payment process.

More recently, Epic Games started letting players buy in-game upgrades for

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Epic Will Literally Give You $10 To Download ‘Rocket League’

This is the sort of thing that usually feels like clickbait, in one way or another, but we come to expect different sorts of things when dealing with the Epic Games Store and the massive pile of Fortnite money fueling it. For more than a year now, Epic has been giving away free games as a way to bolster its new PC storefront, but now it has apparently decided that free isn’t free enough. Rocket League just went free-to-play, and Epic will give you a $10 coupon to the store just for downloading Rocket League. For the time being, Rocket League costs $-10 on the Epic Games Store.

There are stipulations, but really they’re not much. You have to download the game before October 23, and you have to spend the money before November 1. You cannot spend the $10 on in-game currency or pre-orders.

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Fur real: 40 percent of people would give up dog to keep smartphone


Really people? 

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

Do not, under any circumstances, read this story to your dog. According to a new survey from SimpleTexting, a marketing agency behind mass text-messaging campaigns, 40 percent of smartphone owners would rather give up their pooch for a month than give up their phone. But don’t get too smug, humans, because 42 percent said they’d rather be away from their significant other for a month than surrender their device.

The survey quizzed 1,000 smartphone owners across all US 50 states, asking them what they’d give up to keep their phones.

Beverages proved even easier to give up, as 72 percent said they’d rather give up alcohol for a month, and 64 percent would rather give up coffee than their smartphones. But sex still has power: 53 percent of respondents said they’d

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Dog or smartphone? Survey finds what Americans are willing to give up to keep their devices

It’s no secret we have a connection, possibly obsession, with our smartphones. Often, it’s the first thing we see when we wake up and the last thing before we go to bed. A recent survey wanted to find out what Americans would be willing to sacrifice to keep their phones.

About 40 percent of participants would rather be separated from their dog for a month, than be separated from their smartphone for that long.

Slightly more, 42 percent, would rather be separated from their significant other than their device for a month. Although, after months of a pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we could all use some space.

More than 60 percent would be willing to give up coffee for a month instead of their phone, and 72 percent would rather give up wine for a month.

OK, sure, but what about enduring sometimes annoying or awkward situations. About 44 percent

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New China ETFs Give Retail Investors Access to Soaring Tech, Ant

(Bloomberg) — Some of China’s biggest fund houses are launching products that will give millions of mom-and-pop investors exposure to the nation’s soaring tech firms.


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Four exchange-traded funds tracking the Star 50 Index open for subscription on Tuesday and are expected to attract as much as 20 billion yuan ($3 billion) between them. The ETFs are the first to directly replicate the index, which is derived from the nation’s newest stock venue aimed at fostering technology startups.

The launch comes just days after the Shanghai stock exchange approved Ant Group’s listing on its Star Board, setting the stage for a trading debut as soon as late October. Ant’s dual stock sale in Shanghai and Hong Kong may raise a combined $35 billion, which would make it the world’s biggest initial public offering ever. The firm, owned by billionaire Jack Ma, would be a candidate for index inclusion after

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