Glorious Modular Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – GMMK Review

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing


While many of our readers may be unaware that PC users have a whole culture who delve much deeper into mechanical keyboard than one would even think possible. There is a whole other part of the mechanical keyboard market, where you can buy curly cables, PCBs, switches, keycaps, and all other components down to the very last detail. We have also seen, over the years, a small handful of manufacturers who have gone to retail with keyboards which could have the switches changed, but up until now, the basic rule was that only one specific switch manufacturer could be used!

If you are going to name a company the Glorious Pc Gaming Race, you have already raised the bar without even a single product on paper; users will expect the best of the best from a company ballsy enough to make

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Glorious skies will light up October nights

It’s October, and with the new month comes several opportunities for night sky watching. Some of these events are annual occurrences, while others are much more unique. Grab a sweater and find some dark sky this month and you’re sure to be pleased. This is a great activity for all and kids can share their experiences in class.

Let’s start with the rising of the full harvest moon on Oct. 1. The moon will appear to have an orange glow as it rises just above the horizon in the east. Even though the moon is technically full on the 1st, there will be a negligible difference as it rises on Oct. 2 and even on Oct. 3. This is the time of year when the moon doesn’t fall as far below the horizon after it sets, so the gap between moonrise is smaller and therefore we get several nights where

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