New fruit and vegetable grading technology headed to the Australian market

A packaging and processing company that is bringing a new fruit and vegetable grader to the Australian market says it has received a phenomenal response from local growing and packing companies.

Auspouch is in partnership with Italian company Zetapack, which is supplying the machines and hopes to have its first customer up and running with the new technology by January, at their Victorian property.

“We haven’t pushed (the marketing) along too far at this stage,” Mr Waterson said. “With just mailing some initial information, we have had a response rate of around 25 per cent from Australia and New Zealand, which I think is quite remarkable these days, because people are often bombarded with information. It is looking like this solution is going to be well accepted. It is a good stepping stone for those who want to grade their own fruit, and value-add themselves, with low investment, both financially

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