Battery Day tech will go high-volume in 2022, help offset cell shortage

Ahead of Tesla’s Battery Day event, to be held Tuesday, September 22, CEO Elon Musk Monday explained via Twitter that while it plans to increase battery cell purchases from Panasonic, LG, CATL, and perhaps other partners, it still anticipates battery shortages starting in 2022 “unless we also take action ourselves.”

At the event, Tesla is expected to showcase what’s been rumored for a long time: a combination of technological developments that help produce batteries that are more energy-dense, last longer, and are cheaper—and easier—to make.

In 2019, Tesla bought ultracapacitor specialists Maxwell Technologies, and it purchased Canada’s Hibar, a battery maker that was linked to lithium-ion battery researcher Jeff Dahm, who was involved in Tesla’s “million-mile battery” skunkworks project. That project, working out of a facility near Tesla’s Fremont factory, has reportedly resulted in a cell capable of lasting three times the cycles of Tesla’s current cells.

Tesla factory, Fremont, California

Tesla factory, Fremont,

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