It’s in Atlanta’s best interest for the CDC to rely on science, not politics

By Maria Saporta

Atlanta and Georgia have much at stake in the integrity of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the past several months, the integrity of the CDC has been under scrutiny with the disclosure that several of its positions and guidelines have been been subject to political interference.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta-based CDC is in an awkward position of having to balance its scientific reputation and protect itself from political influence out of Washington, D.C.

A view of the CDC’s Tom Harkin Global Communications Center in Atlanta (Photo by James Gathany for the CDC)

In conversations over the weekend with several leading public health experts and business leaders, there was universal agreement that science must outweigh the politics for the long-term health of our nation and the globe.

“This administration has injected politics into public health far more than any other administration that I’ve experienced in 20

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Buffet’s Berkshire Taking Interest in Technology: ETFs to Play

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett is known for his value style of investing and hesitance to invest in the technology sector. The reason could be that tech shares are generally not tagged as value shares.  These are high-growth in nature and valuations are often stretched. However, with changing times, the Oracle of Omaha’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRK-B has also started taking interested in tech shares.

And why not? Technology stocks and ETFs have been the star performers in recent times. Instead of taking the shine out of it, the coronavirus outbreak has added more to the sector. Social distancing norms enacted globally to mitigate the spread of the virus compelled people to stay at home, binge on online shopping and work as well as learn from home.

The rapid emergence of cutting-edge technology, including cloud computing, big data, IoT, VR, AI, has been driving the sector. The growing adoption of 5G

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