OPINION: Advancements in brain-computer interfaces have brought humanity to a crossroads and the need for stewardship has never been greater.

Imagine this: You wake up disorientated only to see a woman in a lab coat who says “congratulations, your surgery was a success.” She then asks you to turn on the lights. Disoriented, you look around the room but don’t see a light switch. But just as the thought crosses your mind, the lights go on. Smiling, she asks you to turn the lights back off. You think of it momentarily and miraculously, the lights go off. In the awkward dark silence, you hear a beaming voice congratulating you with the words “the brain implant has worked!”

I wrote these words nearly 20 years ago as part of the preface to my first book “Wired for Thought.” 

Back then, it felt very much like science fiction. How could we