‘Lack of updated information hurts stock investors’

The BSEC was also considering redefining the definition of Price Sensitive Information (PSI) to ensure its due objective

The demise of 62 directors from 32 listed companies were not updated in their respective websites, which prevented investors from getting updated information, said Commissioner of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC), Prof Shaikh Shamsuddin Ahmed, on Saturday.

He also said that about 15% of listed companies’ websites were non-functional, despite it being mandatory by law to keep their information updated at all times. Additionally, 7% of the listed companies did not have any annual report on their websites.

The BSEC commissioner made the remarks at a webinar titled “Technology to Protect and Assist Investors in the Capital Market”, organized on World Investors Week 2020, by Bangladesh Merchant Bankers Association (BMBA) on the day.

He also informed that BSEC was set to allow stockbrokers to open trading booths across the country

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CNBC: Tom Lydon Talks Tech Success Despite Lack Of Clear Trend

Looking at the various events of the week that revolve around the approaching general election, the renewed hopes of a new stimulus package, and now the sudden announcement of President Trump testing positive for Covid-19, there is a lot this could mean for an already volatile market. ETF Trends CEO Tom Lydon spoke with Kelly Evans on CNBC, along with Ron Insana, Senior Advisor to Schroders North America, about the tech space, the lack of a clear trend, and what that could mean, based on current data.

Something notable right off the bat pointed out by Lydon, is how despite the announcement regarding Pres. Trump, the Dow is still positive. It shows how while the stock market is not insensitive, the significant things going on in Washington D.C. are not having as large an effect on the market as the underlying areas.

This indicates that, while close to another earning

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How a lack of confidence among women led to the gender gap in tech

  • Matthew J. Liberatore and William Wagner are business professors who studied performance across men and women in mid-level jobs, and asked research subjects to rate how they thought they did. 
  • While there were only insignificant differences in performance, they found women were strikingly less confident in how they performed than men. 
  • It’s hard to know why this is the case, but studies suggest women tend to believe they’re less skilled at STEM-related tasks, including math and technology. 
  • Narrowing the gender gap is going to require more than simply promoting equality in the workforce — schools, universities, and companies need to start initiatives to boost confidence in young women to go into STEM fields. 
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In the workplace, women are now as good as men when it comes to computing performance, but there is still a gender gap when it comes to confidence, according to

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Apple iPhone 12 Mini could cost $700, lack 5G connectivity; Here’s everything we know about the compact smartphone

a close up of electronics: Apple iOS 14 redesigned home screen

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Apple iOS 14 redesigned home screen

Apple’s recent September event saw the launch of new iPads and two new versions of the Apple Watch but no new iPhones. Apple is expected to hold another event in October where-in it will announce the iPhone 12 line-up. The Cupertino-based tech giant looks set to launch four new iPhones this year and the smallest member of the family will reportedly be called the iPhone 12 Mini.

While multiple 5G capable Android smartphones have been launched already, iPhones still lack this crucial feature. With the iPhone 12 series, Apple is finally expected to make the transition to 5G connectivity. However, the feature might not be coming to all four smartphones. According to The Wall Street Journal’s analyst Tom Forte (via Gizchina), the iPhone 12 Mini will not feature 5G connectivity.

WhatsApp multi-device feature reportedly in final developmental stages

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As Europe faces 2nd wave of virus, tracing apps lack impact

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