Disaster-ready version of Nissan LEAF in the works

While the country anticipates the arrival of the electric vehicle Nissan LEAF in the country, there is now a working prototype built to act as an electric vehicle response unit complete with mobile power supply.

Based on the Nissan LEAF, the Japanese automotive marque announced that they already are working on the Nissan RE-LEAF—a pure electric emergency response vehicle concept. The “RE” is not just for show, but also stands for three elements of disaster preparedness: response, recovery and resilience.

The same vehicle that debunks four myths about EVs is not just being developed for alternative-powered mobility, but for saving lives, too.


With a badass look, the Nissan RE-LEAF, will be an offroad version of the mass-produced EV as it is being developed to be capable of driving through debris. Aside from that, it also features weatherproof plug sockets mounted directly to the exterior of the vehicle,

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