The Effort to Build the Mathematical Library of the Future

“In one crazy weekend I spent 12 hours a day [on it],” she said. “It was totally addictive.”

Other mathematicians talk about the experience the same way. They say working in Lean feels like playing a video game—complete with the same reward-based neurochemical rush that makes it hard to put the controller down. “You can do 14 hours a day in it and not get tired and feel kind of high the whole day,” Livingston said. “You’re constantly getting positive reinforcement.”

As Sébastien Gouëzel worked on defining a “smooth manifold” for mathlib, he had to balance specificity with flexibility.Courtesy of Sebastian Gouezel

Still, the Lean community recognizes that for many mathematicians, there just aren’t enough levels to play.

“If you were to quantify how much of mathematics is formalized, I’d say it’s way less than one-thousandth of one percent,” said Christian Szegedy, an engineer at Google who is working

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Become a Better Entrepreneur with Lifetime Access to This 800-Course Library

It takes a lot to run a business. Not just creativity and drive, but intelligence and specific expertise. In this high-tech, digital world, businesses have more help than ever to draw the right insights and make the right decisions. Still, it’s easier said than done when you don’t have the needed skillsets to help your business thrive.

a person standing in front of a window

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Stone River eLearning has helped professionals develop skills in a wide variety of disciplines, from mobile app development and graphic design to data analysis, management, and much more. Right now, you can get a lifetime membership to their 800-course library valued at $11,500 for just $89.


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With this membership, you’ll get complete, unlimited, 24/7 access to more than 800 courses and 4,800 hours of online learning. Whether you want to develop leadership skills, business analyst skills, learn data analysis, or practically anything else, Stone River has you covered. Maybe

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Kit brings high-tech fun to Ashland library | News

ASHLAND — Learning through creativity and being creative while learning is something the Ashland Public Library will support with its new Design, Create, Play Kit.

The kit is part of a statewide initiative that focuses on engaging children’s natural curiosity about the world, including those interested in building Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) skills.

Library Manager Margaret Schachte said items in the kit, which can be used in the library and in some cases borrowed, include two iPads, two Chromebooks (which are on back order), animation software, a digital camera, a Silhouette Digital Fabricator and fabrication software, and 3D Snap Circuits.

Meant for use by children in grades two to seven, the kits help them learn essential skills for school and life, and give them an early start on concepts like critical thinking, problem solving and familiarity with simple technology.

The Silhouette fabricator can be used to make

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Spectra Logic Announces Industry’s First Tape Library to Store One Exabyte of Uncompressed Data Leveraging LTO-9 Technology

BOULDER, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spectra Logic, a leader in data storage and data management solutions, again has advanced the boundaries of tape technology with today’s news that the Spectra TFinity® ExaScale Tape Library will now store an industry-first exabyte (one million terabytes) of uncompressed data in a single 45-frame system leveraging LTO-9 tape technology. As the world’s largest storage system, the Spectra TFinity Tape Library is considered a de facto standard in data-driven computing environments, providing unsurpassed storage density, scalability, reliability and affordability in the smallest footprint of any enterprise-class tape library.

Along with this news, Spectra is offering a new e-book that outlines the most cost-effective and beneficial approaches to storing and protecting massive data sets that are exponentially growing, from five petabytes to one exabyte. A free copy of the e-book is available here.

The ninth generation of LTO technology surpasses the per-cartridge capacity of LTO-8 by

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Is Orlando’s ambitious ‘Secret Library’ the theater of the future?

Improv comedy. A mystery. Interactive theater. An escape room. “The Secret Library” is all of these.

The new online experience is also one of the most ambitious digitally driven projects to come out of Orlando’s arts scene since the coronavirus first shut down theaters and theme parks alike.

“We’ve got big dreams,” says producer Todd Zimmerman, who hopes the experience can “offer an escape to those who dare to go on an adventure but would like to stay safe at home.”

But could a show ideal for stay-at-home coronavirus times also be the show of the future?

Zimmerman thinks so. He owns Orlando-based Odd-O-Ts Entertainment, which has created shows for SeaWorld, Legoland Florida, Busch Gardens in Tampa and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines among others. The company also is home to Gromalot Theatre Company, a troupe specializing in physical comedy.

With Zimmerman’s theme-park background, he first pictured “The Secret Library” as

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