We Watched As A Nearby Star Was Sucked In And ‘Spaghettified’ By A Monster Black Hole, Say Scientists

A star in the act of being devoured by a supermassive black hole. It’s the latest incredible cosmic phenomenon tracked and traced by astronomers using giant telescopes.

This iconic “tidal disruption event”—named “AT2019qiz”—occurred 215 million light-years away, which makes it the closest observed so far. 

“The idea of a black hole “sucking in” a nearby star sounds like science fiction, but this is exactly what happens in a tidal disruption event,” said Dr Matt Nicholl, a lecturer and Royal

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Monster Hunter Rise Will Have Free Post-Launch Content And Is Targeting 30FPS

Monster Hunter Rise has been revealed as the next Monster Hunter game for Switch, and unlike Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate it’s been built from the ground up for Nintendo’s hybrid portable. The initial announcement trailer (below) gave us a look at the new game, but now more information has come to light.

YouTube Monster Hunter superfan Arekkz has spoken to Capcom community manager “Socks” about the upcoming game, and he’s dug up some new details on the Switch exclusive. Socks talks about what fans can expect, including information about post-launch content and some information about its engine and performance.

You can watch a summary of Arekkz’s Q&A below–it seems that the actual interview was not recorded or usable, though, so it’s a recitation of the information he received.

From his interview, Arekkz learned that Rise won’t be an open world game, but it will build on the exploration mechanics in

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