Soteria Battery Innovation Group Signs Exclusive License and Option for a Battery Safety Technology by Oak Ridge National Laboratory

GREENVILLE, S.C., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG) has exclusively licensed and optioned a technology developed by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory designed to eliminate thermal runaway in lithium ion batteries due to mechanical damage. The technology complements Soteria’s existing battery safety technology.

The licensed technology is for electrodes and foils for lithium ion batteries that are designed to break in a pre-defined geometry when the battery is physically damaged, effectively isolating the damaged part. This can minimize the associated generated heat and avoid thermal runaway, or uncontrolled increasing temperature, thus rendering the battery safe.

“This technology can dramatically improve battery safety upon mechanical, thermal and electrical damage,” said ORNL’s Jianlin Li, a principle investigator of the technology. “This can simplify battery design and lead to higher energy density and lower cost.”

Combining the technology with Soteria’s own current collector technology was selected

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Rio-Tinto has the chance to respect indigenous people and not destroy Oak Flat.

In a statement, Chairman Simon Thompson vowed the company would “never again” allow this type of destruction to take place. Rio Tinto has promised to act “in ways that are sensitive and responsive to the values and expectations of Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities.”

The company has an opportunity to make good on that commitment by preventing the destruction of a site considered sacred by Indigenous people here in the United States. Rio Tinto holds controlling interest in Resolution Copper LLC, co-founded with another Anglo-Australian firm, BHP. Resolution Copper is developing a mine in southeastern Arizona to exploit one of the world’s largest-known untapped copper deposits. The copper ore lays under a tranquil, high-elevation expanse known as Oak Flat.

To the nearby San Carlos Apache Tribe, Oak Flat is holy ground. There are ancient petroglyphs on some of Oak Flat’s rock walls. In addition to evidence of shelters and cooking

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