Durr develops paint application with high edge definition and no overspray

Germany’s Durr has developed a new technique that applies paints over large areas or in simple patterns with high edge definition – and absolutely no overspray. The innovative EcoPaintJet applicator won this year’s innovation award ‘Deutscher Innovationspreis’ in Germany, and is now available for the general industry in an easily integrated set. Paint company Adler has developed paints tailored to the new application technology.

In woodworking, shipbuilding, electronics manufacturing, and many other industry sectors, product and component surfaces are coated to protect them or add colour. This previously involved a great deal of effort if the coating had to be applied with high edge definition since the surfaces either need to be manually masked or film-wrapped. There is also a significant amount of waste, both in terms of adhesive tape and paint loss due to overspray. According to Durr, with the new overspray-free application set, both of these challenges are

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NFTs paint bright future for artists, blockchain tech

On Sept. 23, auction-house giant Christie’s announced plans to sell its first nonfungible token, or NFT, at an auction. This was just one week after the record-setting $100,000 sale at auction of a digital art piece that also used a blockchain-based token to vest the collector’s new ownership rights.

Meanwhile, Anthony Pompliano, Morgan Creek Digital co-founder and partner, wrote on Sept. 21: “I personally believe that the digital art market cap will grow to become larger than the physical art market cap. This may sound ridiculous today.” 

Clearly, the digital art market is heating up. Duncan Cock Foster, co-founder at digital gallery Nifty Gateway, told Cointelegraph: “The digital art movement is growing at an incredibly rapid pace. The amount of growth we are seeing has surprised everyone involved I think.” 

Much of this can probably be attributed to the coronavirus pandemic that has curtailed travel and shut down art museums.

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Epic Games says latest Apple filing contains ‘half-truths and outright falsities’ to paint company as ‘bad actor’

The mudslinging between Epic Games and Apple continues, with the game developer arguing that the latest legal filing by the tech giant contains “a number of half-truths and outright falsities intended to paint Epic as a bad actor.”


In a 184-page reply filed on Friday evening to Apple’s 37-page opposition brief, Epic said the only goal of its preliminary injunction is to “offer consumers an alternative payment processing service that allows consumer choice and lower prices while this litigation proceeds without retaliation” and claims that Apple’s latest filing seeks to avoid the real issues at the core of the App Store dispute.

“Apple’s papers try to make this dispute about Apple’s innovative products, rather than Apple’s practices,” Epic wrote in its reply. “Many monopolists start with extraordinary products,

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