New Palmyra council chambers bring better tech, accessibility

Posted: Sep. 28, 2020 12:01 am

PALMYRA, Mo. — Palmyra City Council members and elected officials are meeting in new chambers after work performed by city officials transformed the former police department into an accessible space featuring new technology for presentations and communication.

Palmyra Street Department employees did demolition work, installed studs and drywall, performed finishing work and stained wood trim a mahogany color, City Clerk Deena Parsons said. The department’s personnel did about 90% of the work, changing the former police department with small office areas and partitions into an open room with a ramp for access on the north side. Parsons said the new meeting room offer benefits like increased accessibility and the opportunity for city officials to participate in the meeting from out-of-town locations through the new video screen.

Council members are able to mirror images from their individual iPads to the screen so everyone can discuss

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