Second alignment plane of solar system discovered — ScienceDaily

A study of comet motions indicates that the Solar System has a second alignment plane. Analytical investigation of the orbits of long-period comets shows that the aphelia of the comets, the point where they are farthest from the Sun, tend to fall close to either the well-known ecliptic plane where the planets reside or a newly discovered “empty ecliptic.” This has important implications for models of how comets originally formed in the Solar System.

In the Solar System, the planets and most other bodies move in roughly the same orbital plane, known as the ecliptic, but there are exceptions such as comets. Comets, especially long-period comets taking tens-of-thousands of years to complete each orbit, are not confined to the area near the ecliptic; they are seen coming and going in various directions.

Models of Solar System formation suggest that even long-period comets originally formed near the ecliptic and were later

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Theories, Facts About the Secret Plane

  • The Air Force recently announced it secretly designed, built, and flew a new fighter jet.
  • The mysterious fighter falls under the Air Force’s Next Generation Air Dominance program.
  • The aircraft, says one defense blog, may be much different than the traditional expectation of a high-performance, crewed fighter.

    The world continues to search for clues surrounding the mysterious new fighter jet that the U.S. Air Force secretly designed, built, and flew in just one year. We’re still debating whether or not the Air Force already showed us what the new fighter looks like, and now, one defense blog raises an even more intriguing question: What if the Air Force’s new fighter jet isn’t actually a fighter jet at all?

    You love badass planes. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

    As The War Zone points out, the pace of technological innovation means the Air Force’s secret new fighter

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    Rolls-Royce completes ground-testing of technology set to power the world’s fastest all-electric plane – sUAS News

    Rolls-Royce has completed testing of the ground-breaking technology that will power the world’s fastest all-electric plane. All the technology has been tested on a full-scale replica of the plane’s core, called an ‘ionBird’, including a 500hp electric powertrain powerful enough to set world speed records and a battery with enough energy to supply 250 homes.

    The plane is part of a Rolls-Royce initiative called ACCEL, short for ‘Accelerating the Electrification of Flight’. Our ACCEL project team includes key partners YASA, the electric motor and controller manufacturer, and aviation start-up Electroflight. The team has been developing the technology while adhering to the UK Government’s social distancing and other health guidelines and the systems will soon be integrated into our ‘Spirit of Innovation’ plane. There is a long history of iron-birds in aviation for testing propulsion systems ahead of flight, but in this case we have named the test airframe ‘ionBird’, after

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    What Does the Secret Plane Look Like?

    • The Air Force recently announced it secretly designed, built, and flown a new fighter jet.
    • The service has refused to release photos of the aircraft or comment on what it looks like.
    • At the same time, many depictions of future aircraft made by the Air Force all look very similar.

      Last week, the U.S. Air Force made the surprise announcement that it had secretly designed, built, and flown a brand-new fighter jet in just one year. The Air Force hasn’t said a word about what the mysterious sixth-generation fighter actually looks like—just that it was created under the Next Generation Air Dominance program.

      You like badass planes. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

      But according to one theory, the Air Force has possibly been serving depictions of the new jet for years. The Air Force has published several concept pictures of fighter jets, all of

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