A study detailing the processes that control mole size may help scientists find new ways to prevent skin cancer from growing — ScienceDaily

Moles stop growing when they reach a certain size due to normal interactions between cells, despite having cancer-associated gene mutations, says a new study published today in eLife.

The findings in mice could help scientists develop new ways to prevent skin cancer growth that take advantage of the normal mechanisms that control cell growth in the body.

Mutations that activate the protein made by the BRAF gene are believed to contribute to the development of skin cancer. However, recent studies have shown that these mutations do not often cause skin cancer, but instead result in the formation of completely harmless pigmented moles on the skin. In fact, 90% of moles have these cancer-linked mutations but never go on to form tumours. “Exploring why moles stop growing might lead us to a better understanding of what goes wrong in skin cancer,” says lead author Roland Ruiz-Vega, a postdoctoral researcher at

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Cory Gardner’s ‘Big Idea’: Keep pace with China in the space race and prevent it from stealing American IP

The Big Idea is a series that asks top lawmakers and figures to discuss their moonshot – what’s the one proposal, if politics and polls and even price was not an issue, they’d implement to change the country for the better? 

Sen. Cory Gardner, R-Colo., believes in taking special precautions to protect the United States against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). One of his proposals is to pump more money and attention into the space race to prevent China from taking hold of the final frontier in an effort to enhance its own power and harm American citizens. 

China has been criticized for various nefarious actions on the international stage in the past several years — the biggest and most recent being its delayed response to the coronavirus outbreak and its opaque behavior with regard to the virus’s possible origin. 

Gardner, who represents the swing state of Colorado and is

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Bronx-Based Elevator Manufacturer Creates New Technology to Fight COVID-19 and Prevent Other Pathogenic Spread in Elevators – Sterilyft

NEW YORK, Oct. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — CEC Elevator Cab Corp. officially announced its latest innovative contribution to the elevator manufacturing business: Sterilyft (https://www.sterilyft.com/). Sterilyft is a completely unique elevator air filtration and sterilization system made in America to fight the current pandemic, and prevent future pathogenic spread. Sterilyft uses the germicidal power of UV-C light to kill pathogens, double MERV 13 filtering and then adding purified air back into the elevator cab space in a closed loop arrangement. CEC Elevator Cab Corp. manufactures Sterilyft in its Bronx-based facility, and has already installed the system in seven different states across the U.S., with plans to fill recent orders across the globe.

“We’re very proud to announce the Sterilyft system. It’s absolutely the latest in pathogenic-fighting technology for the elevator cab space,” said Nick Gretsuk, Executive Vice President at CEC Elevator Cab Corp. “The only way we’re going

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TikTok touts vigilance to prevent further distressing videos from appearing on its app

In late August, a video of a man dying by suicide was posted on Facebook. The graphic video spread across other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, but it continued to appear on TikTok weeks later as the app struggled to remove the horrific content.

TikTok recently faced the House of Commons to explain how this happened, blaming “bad actors”. On Friday, Australia’s Select Committee on Foreign Interference Through Social Media continued this line of questioning by talking with the controversial app’s local general manager and global chief security officer.

According to TikTok Australia and New Zealand general manager Lee Hunter, the live-stream was taken down, but copies had popped up faster than they could be detected.

“When we had our technology look at that video, we immediately took it down. But when my colleague in the UK was discussing this idea of these bad actors, unfortunately over the

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ARUtility technology helps prevent costly, dangerous excavation accidents

The backstory of ARUtility LLC, a 2018 startup that just graduated from the Conquer Accelerator program at Michigan State University, is one of how a boss found how one of his hires talked to his cat so interesting he decided to go into business with him.

Alando Chappell became Joseph Eastman’s boss at the Lansing Board of Power and Light in 2014. “I was looking to hire an engineer. I interviewed him, I loved him and brought him on board,” he said. “He was an excellent engineer.”

One Monday in 2017, Chappell asked Eastman what he had done over the weekend.

“He said, ‘I was bored, so I created an app that speaks to my cat,'” recounted Chappell.

With the app he created, while he was on vacation Eastman could call home and talk to his cat through a toy robot.

Chappell thought there was a more practical thing to

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This New AI Technology Could Prevent Ships From Colliding With Whales

Ship strikes are a leading cause of whale deaths worldwide and kill more than 80 fin, humpback, and blue whales on the U.S. west coast each year. Many of these ships are enormous – waterborne towers that are often unable to detect whales or their spouts.

This has led the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to establish speed reduction programs along both coasts to protect endangered right whales in the Atlantic Ocean (via “Right Whale Slow Zones”) and humpback, gray and blue whales in the Pacific Ocean (through a voluntary speed reduction program). These measures are highly effective at preventing vessels from fatally colliding with whales by 80 – 90 percent, but are not adopted by all maritime ships.

“One of our goals is to provide real-time whale presence data that will help

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