Asteroid Bennu Could Shed Light on How Ingredients for Life Reached Earth | Smart News

A series of studies published last week in the journals Science and Science Advances offer a new, detailed look at the makeup of a small asteroid called Bennu. The studies come just before NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft plans to pick up a sample from the asteroid’s surface on October 20 and return with it to Earth in 2023.

Before the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft reached the asteroid in 2018, astronomers could only study it with telescopes that couldn’t make out details smaller than cities or states, Michael Greshko reports for National Geographic. OSIRIS-REx allows astronomers to map details the size of basketball courts, sheets of paper and postage stamps, depending on the imaging tool they used.

“The reason there’s so much interest in asteroids is a lot of them are very primitive, from when the Solar System formed, and they didn’t change with wind and water, or weather like on Earth,” planetary

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Alphabet has reached a settlement over sexual harassment cases

  • Google parent Alphabet has settled a shareholder lawsuit that accused the company of mishandling sexual harassment claims.
  • The settlement eliminates forced arbitration for employees, and limit the use of non-disclosure agreements.
  • It’s also agreed to spend $310 million on corporate diversity programs over the next decade.
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Alphabet has settled a shareholder lawsuit that accused the company’s board of mishandling sexual harassment claims.

As per details shared by one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the settlement eliminates the forcing of employees involved in discrimination or harassment disputes to settle with private arbitration, and limits Google’s use of non-disclosure agreements.

It was also agreed that employees who depart the company while under investigation for claims of sexual misconduct will not receive any severance or compensation.

Google also agreed to spend $310 million on corporate diversity programs over 10 years as part of the settlement. Those efforts

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Thanks to Google, app store monopoly concerns have now reached India

Last week, as Epic Games, Facebook, and Microsoft continued to express concerns about Apple’s “monopolistic” hold over what a billion people can download on their iPhones, a similar story unfolded in India, the world’s second largest internet market, between a giant developer and the operator of the only other large mobile app store.

Google pulled Paytm, the app from India’s most valuable startup, off of the Play Store on Friday. The app returned to the store eight hours later, but the controversy and acrimony Google has stirred up in the country will linger for years.

TechCrunch reported on Friday that Google pulled Paytm app from its app store after a repeat pattern of violations of Google Play Store guidelines by the Indian firm.

Paytm, which is locked in a battle against Google to win India’s payments market, has been frustrated at Google’s policies — which it argues gives Google an

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