The mountains of Pluto are snowcapped, but not for the same reasons as on Earth

The mountains of Pluto are snowcapped, but not for the same reasons as on Earth
At left, the “Cthulhu” region near Pluto’s equator, at right the Alps on Earth. Two identical landscapes created by highly different processes. Credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute, Thomas Pesquet/ESA

In 2015, the New Horizons space probe discovered spectacular snowcapped mountains on Pluto, which are strikingly similar to mountains on Earth. Such a landscape had never before been observed elsewhere in the Solar System. However, as atmospheric temperatures on our planet decrease at altitude, on Pluto they heat up at altitude as a result of solar radiation.

So where does this ice come from? An international team led by CNRS scientists1 conducted this exploration. They first determined that the “snow” on Pluto’s mountains actually consists of frozen methane, with traces of this gas being present in Pluto’s atmosphere, just like water vapor on Earth. To understand how the same landscape could be produced in such different conditions,

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Ten Reasons Why Big Firms Stick With Obsolete Management

One of the great puzzles of the corporate world is why big corporations are still being run on obsolete 20th Century management principles when there is an obvious better alternative—21st Century management—that is producing unprecedented financial returns and market capitalizations.

“Most [firms] today are run on the basis of ‘legacy’ management systems that have become obsolete,” writes Menlo College professor Annika Steiber in The Silicon Valley Model. But why?

Even though 20th Century management is a coherent and consistent way of running a company, it is an increasingly poor fit with today’s fast-moving customer-driven marketplace. It has difficulty changing direction. It lacks agility. Here are ten reasons why 20th Century management still dominates.

1.    20th Century Management Operates As An Unstoppable Flywheel

Since 1970, 20th Century management has been preoccupied with a single-minded

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Ten Reasons Why Big Firms Stick With Obsolete Management (Part 2)

Following the first five of Ten Reasons Why Big Firms Stick With 20th Century Management, here are five more reasons:

1. The Transition To 21st Century Management Is Hard Work

Stopping the momentum of the giant flywheel of 20th Century management and turning it into something more agile can involve a lot of work. Everything in 21st Century management is the opposite of 20th Century management.

The goal of the firm is now to create a continuous stream of value for customers and users. Making money is the result, not the goal. This goal requires a different structure of work to enable the full talents of those doing the work, often through small self-organizing teams working in short cycles, focused tightly on delivering value for customers. Instead of a steep vertical

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Astronaut Steps Down From Mission For ‘Personal Reasons’


  • Boeing astronaut Chris Ferguson has stepped down from Boeing’s 2021 crewed flight test
  • In a Twitter video, Ferguson stressed his dedication to the Starliner program and said it was a difficult decision
  • He will be replaced by a veteran NASA astronaut, giving the mission an all-NASA crew

The commander of the 2021 crewed Boeing flight test has stepped down from his position for “personal reasons.” He will be replaced by another veteran astronaut.

NASA and Boeing announced on Wednesday that astronaut Chris Ferguson will no longer be the commander of next year’s Boeing Crew Flight Test to the International Space Station (ISS). In their respective statements, both NASA and Boeing said Ferguson decided to step down from the mission for “personal reasons” but did not go into further details.

In a video Ferguson shared on Twitter, he stressed his dedication to the Starliner program, saying it was a

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Three Reasons Why It’s A Great Time To Be In The Gaming Business

Let’s not kid ourselves. It is an incredible time to be in the gaming business. Let’s put aside that the pandemic arrived in February. The ensuing national lockdown created a supercharged tailwind for the gaming segment’s major players, as kids suddenly stuck at home needed to be entertained. New, beefed-up consoles from Microsoft and Sony will be in the market for the holiday season. PC gamers are salivating at NVIDIA’s efforts to drive more affordable 4K performance. VR-based gaming is likely to get a significant boost with Oculus’ new, lower-cost VR headset. Let’s take a closer look at why the major players in the gaming business are likely smiling.

#1: Preorders for Microsoft and Sony’s new console refreshes off to a sizzling start

Microsoft began accepting preorders for its new next-gen Series X and S earlier this week and quickly sold out. The preorder

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3 reasons the current stock market sell-off could be more than a normal correction, according to DataTrek

  • The sell-off in US stocks reached correction territory on Thursday, with the S&P 500 falling as much as 10% from its September 2 high.
  • The tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index entered correction territory on September 8.
  • While the sell-off could just be another “normal correction,” investors should brace for the possibility of the opposite, DataTrek said in a note on Thursday.
  • DataTrek outlined three reasons the sell-off could be more than a normal correction and could accelerate.
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Risk management is a core competency of many successful investors, as outsize long-term gains can come from limiting drawdowns in the short term.

But risk management is also hard, as investors tend to focus on the main catalyst that could start a sell-off in the market and not the second- and third-order effects of an uncertain environment that catalyst would create, DataTrek cofounder Nicholas

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2 Reasons Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Bethesda Buy Will Boost Its Stock

will pay $7.5 billion to acquire ZeniMax Media and its game publisher Bethesda Softworks, according to Microsoft.

This is the best news for Microsoft shareholders since its bid to co-acquire TikTok was rejected last week.

How so? Microsoft’s Bethesda buy passes two key tests for successful acquisitions: it will give Microsoft a bigger piece of a large market and the combined companies will be better off. Whether the deal will pass the third test — earning a positive net present value on the $7.5 billion investment — remains to be seen.

The Microsoft/Bethesda Deal

Microsoft is

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5 Reasons Why Human Experience Management Is The Future Of HR

By Lara Albert, Vice President of Solution Marketing, SAP SuccessFactors

Today, the experience companies create for their employees is more important than ever. People crave connections, transparency, and a sense of community – especially as we sort through new ways of working.

While creating an environment where people feel safe, engaged, and productive requires an intentional focus on fostering a positive employee experience, we know that Human Capital Management (HCM) technology falls short of what businesses need to compete today. That’s why Human Resources (HR) is evolving to human experience management, or HXM. As the focus of HR shifts from simply supporting HR-driven processes to delivering experiences around what employees need to do and be their best, HXM provides the mindset and the tools needed to deliver the results businesses need to survive and thrive.

Here are the five reasons why HCM is no longer sufficient to improve life

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3 Reasons Why Client Retreats Should Be Your Go-to Event Model Starting Today

4 min read

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

In-person interaction is irreplaceable. We can do business and connect with clients online, but if the current crisis has taught us anything, it’s that technology has its limits. Only in-person interaction can provide the deep levels of communication and relationship-building we all crave — as humans and as business owners. 

That is, after all, one reason why entrepreneurs host live events such as speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, masterminds and retreats. These events provide the opportunity to connect with clients face-to-face, learn more about their needs, strengthen relationships and cement brand loyalty.

Before the world entered into a period of social distancing, larger events often received all the glory. Bigger is always better, right? Or so the thought goes. Except that once this crisis is over, your clients are going to be craving human interaction and deeper

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7 of the biggest reasons why the stock market is having a dreadful September

Thus far, September has lived up to its billing as a weak month for stocks. And getting back into sustained rally mode may take some time.

Through September 23, all three of the major equities indices are in the red for the month. The worst-performing index has been the Nasdaq Composite, which has shed nearly 9%. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average are down 5% and 2.5%, respectively, month-to-date.

Talk up any Wall Street veteran and they will say the pullback in stocks in September is due to the simplest of reasons:

  • Tech stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Tesla had powerful gains in the summer and had to come back down to Earth. In short, Big Tech is now viewed a bigly overvalued.

  • No new stimulus plan from a bickering set of lawmakers, means downside risk to consumers this holiday season.

  • Political risk (see the latest

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