IRS owes 9 million people stimulus checks, but they have to register by Oct. 15. What to know


The IRS this month is contacting 9 million Americans who may still be owed economic stimulus money.

Angela Lang/CNET

After the IRS sent the bulk of the first stimulus check, the agency noticed something was wrong. One large group — an estimated 9 million people — didn’t receive their lawful payment. 

For the most part, the first wave of stimulus checks went out automatically this spring and summer, without the intended recipients having to do anything but meet the qualifications. But a subset of folks did have to take a further step, mainly people who typically don’t file their taxes, a group that can include older adults, retirees and SSDI recipients.

The IRS is now in the process of sending letters to people who may be eligible. But the window is closing for nonfilers to claim their $1,200 checks by the end of 2020. Oct. 15

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Google Doodle encourages you to register to vote, with information on how


The Google Doodle’s message is clear: Register to vote.


Tuesday is the first day of fall in the Northern Hemisphere — a day Google typically notes with a Doodle. And while residents of most countries north of the Equator are seeing that season-changing Doodle, Americans are seeing a Doodle that includes buttons adorned with the patriotic colors of red, white and blue and the message to “Register to vote!”

For in addition to being the first day of fall, Tuesday is also Voter Registration Day in the United States. Founded in 2012, the holiday, observed on the fourth Tuesday of September, urges all eligible voters to register to vote.

The awareness campaign — timed just months before large elections of the year — is designed to provide

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Archbishop Sheen on 3 Wounds (and 3 Myths) That Explain What’s Happening Today| National Catholic Register

It was the mid-1960s but it might as well be today. Bishop Fulton Sheen was explaining to his TV audience the three sources of the despair and nihilism in the world — which have only multiplied — and the one solution that definitely eradicates it because he was talking about “hope for a wounded world.”

But through the next five decades, people listened less and less to what he had to say, for the most part ignoring his insights and guidance as they did the prophet Jeremiah’s.

Let’s listen to Sheen’s perceptive revelations in the midst of today’s constant blaring headlines and skewed news reports to see the perennial problem yet still have strong reason to hope.

“There seems to be so much despair in the world,” Sheen began. Then right away he gave an image that despair does not have the final word. He pulled out the legend of

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