Aptos Solar Technology’s DNA Modules Pass Extended Reliability Testing

Aptos Solar Technology, a supplier of high-performance solar modules, announces a successful completion of accelerated environmental tests performed by Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC). The data revealed from testing confirms the reliability of Aptos Solar Technology’s DNATM modules for extreme weather conditions over an extended period of time.

As a leader in defining quality standards for renewable energy products, RETC provides a rigorous series of tests to ensure the durability of solar modules. Achieving recognition by RETC, in addition to holding standard UL & IEC certifications, makes the DNATM module by Aptos Solar Technology a competitive choice for those seeking durability in module performance.

“A high-quality PV module not only demonstrates high performance at standard test conditions but also performs well in real-world conditions over its intended service life. Aptos has shown a continued commitment to module quality and performance by diligently testing their products and ensuring their

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NSF-funded research will improve reliability and efficiency of sensor networks

For office and household users, the intermittent unreliability of computer networks is a frustrating inconvenience, but for scientific researchers it can disrupt data pipeline necessary to advance knowledge. To address this problem, Computer Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Engin Arslan is developing network monitoring and management infrastructure for distributed science applications. 

He recently received two grants to support his research in the use of network infrastructure for science projects. The National Science Foundation Campus Cyberinfrastructure Office awarded Arslan a 2-year, $998,568 grant to research sensor networks. He also received an additional 3-year grant of $499,982 with collaborators at University at Buffalo to study high performance networks.

Arslan’s first grant is titled “Robust and Predictable Network Infrastructure for Wide-Area Distributed Sensor Networks.”  

“This project aims to develop robust network management and monitoring framework for distributed sensor networks,” Arslan said. “The project has potential to accelerate the adoption of Internet of Things

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