East Asia to Remain Prolific in Automotive Glass Market, CAGR to Rise at 4% through 2030

Automotive glass market is showing promising growth due to in numerous demand in electric car segment and other industries. East Asia is set to boost their production in the upcoming years with lucrative opportunities for manufacturers too.

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / October 14, 2020 / The automotive glass market is likely to surpass US$ 16.8 billion through the forecast period. Manufacturers and key players are regularly focussing on expanding sales opportunities in the market which will in turn widen value and revenue, thereby, paving a path for opportunities. Tough competition between players and inadequate standardization might hinder market growth which can act as key restraints in the market.

“Advancement in technology and increasing demand in electric segments or car manufacturing companies is promoting the market. Cost efficiency and access to technologies plays a key role in shaping the market scenario. The escalating need for passenger vehicles and widening sales

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Briny Underground Lakes May Be All That Remain of Martian Ocean | Smart News

When scientists first found signs of a lake under Mars’ south pole in 2018, questions abounded over how such a feature could form and whether the measurements were accurate. Now, a study published this week in Nature Astronomy not only confirms the size and location of the first lake, but also shows three more, smaller bodies of water nearby.

The study adds 100 measurements to the team’s original 29 figures for a clearer picture of the region. The four lakes are hidden a mile under the surface of Mars’ icy south pole, and may be full of salt and sediments to remain liquid even in extreme cold temperatures. Some scientists not involved in the study are cautious about the research team’s conclusions, but the study authors see the discovery as an optimistic signal in the search for life on Mars.

“Here we have not just an occasional body of water,

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BP Bets Future on Green Energy, but Investors Remain Wary


BP -2.81%

PLC has unveiled the most aggressive plans yet by a major oil company to pivot toward cleaner energy. But the revamp has so far failed to ignite enthusiasm among investors despite growing interest in renewables.

The British energy giant’s strategy—the biggest overhaul in its 111-year history—calls for a 40% reduction in oil-and-gas production over the coming decade, greater investment in low-carbon energy and a ramp-up in wind and solar power. No other major oil company has targeted such a steep decline in their main source of profit.

“Our new strategy is going to transform BP into a very different company, not overnight…but fast,” new Chief Executive Bernard Looney told investors this month at an event detailing the plans. He acknowledged there were “a few concerns, some skepticism and even a few myths” about the overhaul.

The 50-year-old BP lifer, who took the helm in February, said the

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Tesla’s stock skids 7% as promised ‘Battery Day’ innovations remain off in the future

Tesla Inc. unveiled battery innovations and increased efficiencies that appeared to underwhelm investors late Tuesday at its much anticipated “Battery Day.”

Tesla stock’s
which had gained more than 4% after an upbeat post-shareholder-meeting presentation, turned south as soon as Chief Executive Elon Musk said that some of the innovations showcased at the event were “close to working” and some three years away from fruition.

Shares were recently down 6.8% in the extended session.

“It does work but not [yet] with a high yield,” Musk said, adding that Tesla has set up a pilot battery plant in Fremont, Calif., to work through the challenges, with production “ramping up.”

There’s a “clear path to success but a ton of work from here to there,” Musk said.

Long-term investors make their plans for a year away, and a three-year horizon is “just a long time,” said Gene Munster with Loup

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Oracle Hits Record High; Key Questions Remain in TikTok Deal

Oracle Corp  (ORCL) – Get Report shares hit a fresh record peak Monday, while Walmart  (WMT) – Get Report bumped higher, even as key questions over the nature of the pair’s multi-million investment in China based video sharing app TikTok continue to cloud the weekend deal.

Oracle and Walmart agreed to take a collective 20% stake in TikTok Global, a new company carved out of Beijing-based ByteDance that would include all operations outside of China. The company also added it was a ‘rumor’ that TikTok Global would be controlled by American investors, noting that its majority owners, its proprietary technology as well as the weight of its executive board, would remain China-based.

“The current plan does not involve the transfer of any algorithms and technologies,’ ByteDance said. “Oracle has the authority to check the source code of TikTok USA.”

The statement contradicts several key tenets of

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Nintendo 3DS Online Functions Will Remain Intact For A Long Time Yet

The Nintendo 3DS has been discontinued, meaning that the console is no longer being produced. Because of this, fans of the device–or owners of many digital games that they don’t have downloaded–might be wondering what this means for the system’s online functionality, including online play and the Eshop store. According to Nintendo, though, there’s no need to worry.

In a statement given to Gamesindustry.biz, Nintendo has affirmed that the 3DS online functions will remain in place for a long time yet. “Nintendo and third-party games for the Nintendo 3DS family of system will continue to be available in Nintendo eShop, on Nintendo.com and at retail,” a Nintendo spokesperson told the site. “We currently have no plans to end any existing online services for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.”

The statement continues, assuring fans that there’s nothing to worry about. “Online play and Nintendo Eshop will continue to be available

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Market Risks Remain High As Investors Pile Into Technology

After a one directional move since the March bottom, the major indices HAVE started showing some fatigue. The tech heavy indices took the brunt of the bear attack. Is the rebound from the March lows over or is this just a pause that refreshes? We break down the key things we are watching and why the risk may be overly concentrated in just one place.

Fear Remains Extremely Muted

We watch a number of indicators that gauge the average amount of fear that investors are experiencing. The first one we look at is the moving average of the equity-only put-call ratio. When this is low, it implies complacency, and when it is high, it implies investors are panicking en masse.

The 30-day moving average of the put-call ratio is still at one of the lowest levels ever.

Source: StockCharts

In fact, the only time it has been lower was in

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The Technology 202: Tech executives remain divided over the future of the office

He’s predicting most companies will end up with a four-day in-office workweek with one day engaged in virtual work from home, as he says working from home makes “debating ideas” more difficult. 

“Once we can get a majority of people vaccinated, then it’s probably back to the office,” Hastings says in the interview, noting that will probably be about six months after a vaccine is approved. 

Silicon Valley remains divided over how necessary the office is in the future. 

The decisions these businesses make their sprawling campuses will be widely watched as a test of the efficacy of remote work, and have implications for other industries as well. 

Tech companies were among the first to send their employees home as cases of coronavirus began emerging. And they’re more suited than many industries to make the move permanent because they rely so heavily on jobs done on computers. 

Companies such

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