The Air Force’s Secret New Fighter Jet Could Pack This Highly Classified Tech

From Popular Mechanics

In September, the U.S. Air Force shocked the world when it announced it had secretly designed, built, and tested a new fighter jet—all in the astonishingly short span of just one year.

✈ You love badass planes. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

The secret new fighter jet—if it’s even a new “fighter” at all—is part of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) program, an Air Force project designed to supplement and eventually replace the F-22 Raptor. The Air Force has identified five major new technologies it believes will be necessary for the program. But what are they?

A new Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on NGAD gives a quick rundown of the program. The secret new fighter jet, which Air Force acquisition Secretary Will Roper officially announced on September 15, is just part of a program that will likely include crewed and uncrewed

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Check Out These Negan And Zombie Magic The Gathering Cards From Upcoming Secret Lair Drop

If you need more zombies in your life, then you’re probably pretty excited about Magic: The Gathering’s upcoming Secret Lair drop, which is a collaboration with AMC’s The Walking Dead. Aside from the Negan and Treasure token cards, GameSpot has yet another reveal for the set, which we Tweeted out on September 30. Check it out below.

The Walking Dead Secret Lair drop will feature brand-new cards for MTG, and will be available for pre-order during a limited window between October 4 and 12–starting at 11:30 PM ET on October 4. One of the new cards is none other than Negan, the infamous villain from the series who has no problem bashing in heads with a baseball bat, tat’s played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan on the show. Check out the card below.

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Gallery image 1Gallery image 2

Negan is a 4/3 Legendary Creature with a very fitting ability. When the card is put onto the

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Copper-producing tech was likely a closely guarded secret — ScienceDaily

A new study by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Antiquities Authority indicates that a workshop for smelting copper ore once operated in the Neveh Noy neighborhood of Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev Desert. The study, conducted over several years, began in 2017 in Beer Sheva when the workshop was first uncovered during an Israel Antiquities Authority emergency archeological excavation to safeguard threatened antiquities.

The new study also shows that the site may have made the first use in the world of a revolutionary apparatus: the furnace.

The study was conducted by Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef, Dana Ackerfeld, and Omri Yagel of the Jacob M. Alkow Department of Archeology and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations at Tel Aviv University, in conjunction with Dr. Yael Abadi-Reiss, Talia Abulafia, and Dmitry Yegorov of the Israel Antiquities Authority and Dr. Yehudit Harlavan of the Geological Survey of Israel. The results of the study

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Theories, Facts About the Secret Plane

  • The Air Force recently announced it secretly designed, built, and flew a new fighter jet.
  • The mysterious fighter falls under the Air Force’s Next Generation Air Dominance program.
  • The aircraft, says one defense blog, may be much different than the traditional expectation of a high-performance, crewed fighter.

    The world continues to search for clues surrounding the mysterious new fighter jet that the U.S. Air Force secretly designed, built, and flew in just one year. We’re still debating whether or not the Air Force already showed us what the new fighter looks like, and now, one defense blog raises an even more intriguing question: What if the Air Force’s new fighter jet isn’t actually a fighter jet at all?

    You love badass planes. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

    As The War Zone points out, the pace of technological innovation means the Air Force’s secret new fighter

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    How genetic science helped expose a secret coronavirus outbreak in Iowa

    POSTVILLE, Iowa — It wasn’t until their colleagues began to disappear that workers at Agri Star Meat and Poultry realized there was a killer in their midst.

    First came the rumors that rabbis at the kosher plant had been quarantined. Then a man who worked in the poultry department fell ill. They heard whispers about friends of friends who had been stricken with scorching fevers and unbearable chills — characteristic symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

    Where was the contagion coming from?

    No one would say. Not Agri Star’s wealthy owner, who didn’t shut down production lines after cases were confirmed among workers. Not the Iowa Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which closed a complaint containing multiple allegations against the plant without an inspection. Not Iowa Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, whose administration threatened to prosecute officials who released covid data and did not conduct testing at the plant until seven weeks

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    What Does the Secret Plane Look Like?

    • The Air Force recently announced it secretly designed, built, and flown a new fighter jet.
    • The service has refused to release photos of the aircraft or comment on what it looks like.
    • At the same time, many depictions of future aircraft made by the Air Force all look very similar.

      Last week, the U.S. Air Force made the surprise announcement that it had secretly designed, built, and flown a brand-new fighter jet in just one year. The Air Force hasn’t said a word about what the mysterious sixth-generation fighter actually looks like—just that it was created under the Next Generation Air Dominance program.

      You like badass planes. So do we. Let’s nerd out over them together.

      But according to one theory, the Air Force has possibly been serving depictions of the new jet for years. The Air Force has published several concept pictures of fighter jets, all of

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      Is Orlando’s ambitious ‘Secret Library’ the theater of the future?

      Improv comedy. A mystery. Interactive theater. An escape room. “The Secret Library” is all of these.

      The new online experience is also one of the most ambitious digitally driven projects to come out of Orlando’s arts scene since the coronavirus first shut down theaters and theme parks alike.

      “We’ve got big dreams,” says producer Todd Zimmerman, who hopes the experience can “offer an escape to those who dare to go on an adventure but would like to stay safe at home.”

      But could a show ideal for stay-at-home coronavirus times also be the show of the future?

      Zimmerman thinks so. He owns Orlando-based Odd-O-Ts Entertainment, which has created shows for SeaWorld, Legoland Florida, Busch Gardens in Tampa and Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines among others. The company also is home to Gromalot Theatre Company, a troupe specializing in physical comedy.

      With Zimmerman’s theme-park background, he first pictured “The Secret Library” as

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      Benjamin Frankin Institute of Technology and Wentworth are talking merger — in secret

      Aisha Francis was recently named CEO, making her one of the few African-American women running a college in this region.

      In recent years, the school has dreamed big dreams: Its campus is under agreement to be sold for many millions of dollars (the price has never been disclosed) to a big-time developer, Related Beal. BFIT, as it is now branded, has announced plans to move to a building on Harrison Avenue in Nubian Square, the better to be close to the students it currently serves.

      That’s where the public part of the story ends and the mystery begins.

      According to multiple sources, Benjamin Franklin is engaged in secret talks to merge with Wentworth Institute of Technology. The negotiations are so hush-hush that board members are bound by nondisclosure agreements while the deal is being hammered out. What that would do to the pending sale and move to Roxbury is

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