Archbishop Sheen on 3 Wounds (and 3 Myths) That Explain What’s Happening Today| National Catholic Register

It was the mid-1960s but it might as well be today. Bishop Fulton Sheen was explaining to his TV audience the three sources of the despair and nihilism in the world — which have only multiplied — and the one solution that definitely eradicates it because he was talking about “hope for a wounded world.”

But through the next five decades, people listened less and less to what he had to say, for the most part ignoring his insights and guidance as they did the prophet Jeremiah’s.

Let’s listen to Sheen’s perceptive revelations in the midst of today’s constant blaring headlines and skewed news reports to see the perennial problem yet still have strong reason to hope.

“There seems to be so much despair in the world,” Sheen began. Then right away he gave an image that despair does not have the final word. He pulled out the legend of

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