All Fortnite Season 4 Challenges: Tony Stark’s Hidden Lab, Doom’s Domain Vault, And More

Season 4 of Fortnite: Chapter 2 is rolling along across consoles and PC. This season has introduced a ton of changes to Epic’s hit battle royale shooter, bringing the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Groot, She-Hulk, Storm, and other Marvel superheroes into the game to thwart an invasion by Galactus.

Of course, a new season also means new challenges, and there are already a ton for players to complete. Clearing these tasks will level up your Season 4 battle pass, which in turn will unlock exclusive Marvel-themed cosmetics. In addition to the standard weekly missions, Epic is rolling out a separate set of Wolverine challenges over the course of the season, which you’ll need to complete to unlock the Wolverine skin. There are also Awakening challenges that will unlock emotes and other cosmetic flourishes for Season 4’s other Marvel skins.

Although Season 4 is underway on most platforms, you cannot

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VR Pioneer Tony Parisi: Real-Time Technology Is Helping People Get the Job Done

Speaking via live stream at NewImages Festival on Thursday, Tony Parisi, global head of AR/VR ad innovation at Unity Technologies, and one of virtual reality pioneers, made his point clear: real-time technologies that entertain us today will be used to help us work and communicate in the future.

During his keynote speech “The Real-Time Revolution Is Here,” Parisi noted that while VR is reinventing storytelling, it’s also being used to help people learn, train, build and be productive, and with AR, digital content can be seamlessly integrated into the real world. “These two technologies taken together, they are the future. It sounds like a far-flung future, but the fact is that it’s all happening today,” he said.

The world is changing, he said, moving from content that’s still, static and asynchronous into real-time, dynamic, high-production value 3D graphics. “There are very few people using digital devices today who did not

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