How to trade-in your smartphone in SA

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Trading in your old phone may be daunting to some. It seems like a time-consuming, almost deceitful exercise. Who’s to say that your impeccable iPhone 7 is only worth so much?  


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Rather than going through an online reselling platform where you could be scammed of your property and money, there are various legitimate and easy-to-understand ways to trade-in that old smartphone. 

From in-store trade-ins, to doing everything online from home, trading in your old device has never been so simple. 

The benefits of a trade-in is that the phone will either be restored or recycled, so you’re contributing to reducing e-waste and encouraging circular economic practices, which is a plus. 

Where to begin?

Finding the right trade-in platform that suits your needs may seem overwhelming but it really isn’t. To start, go for an option

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Apple’s 2020 iPhone SE costs $400, but you can get it for less with a trade-in

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  • Apple’s new iPhone SE costs $399.00, and it’s available to buy now. 
  • You can trade in your old phone to get the iPhone SE for even less — iPhone 8 owners can get up to $170 off, bringing the price down to $229.
  • The 2020 iPhone SE is Apple’s most budget friendly iPhone since the original iPhone SE arrived in 2016. It’s the same design and size as the iPhone 8. 
  • It comes with the same chip as the iPhone 11 series, meaning it’s an amazing performer. It also has a single-lens 12-megapixel camera. 

Apple announced its 2020 iPhone SE on April 15 — its most budget friendly iPhone since the original iPhone SE that was released back in 2016.


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The 2020 iPhone SE starts at

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