The Top 10 Coolest Trains of All Time

There’s a perplexingly small overlap between those who like cars and those who consider having their commute interrupted by a train the highlight of their day. Trains, after all, just take what excite us about cars–complex, mechanical things steeped in performance, technology, and luxury–to loftier extremes. Interest in one should translate into at least a mild enthusiasm for the other.

a plane sitting on top of a body of water

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Alas, that’s not the case. Car people and train people don’t mix nearly as much as we should. Because for every soulless light rail people-mover, there are some truly incredible machines throughout the history of trains that are worth celebrating. Machines that are every bit as exciting, fascinating, dangerous and brilliantly engineered as any supercar–and remember, powered trains also have the benefit of a good century-plus more development than cars.

Even if you think you’re the farthest thing from a foamer (that’s rail speak for

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