‘Uneven and Unpredictable’ Tech Labor Recovery

The latest CompTIA data analysis shows continued mixed signals for tech-related jobs with companies adding 12,900 technical and non-technical workers in September.

The latest data from the monthly U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Situation report confirms a recovery that remains uneven and unpredictable. The CompTIA data analysis shows a mix of good news in IT sector employment gains and disappointing news in IT occupation job losses.

The tech sector recorded its second consecutive month of employment growth. The IT services and custom software development category led the way in job gains. There was also positive growth in tech manufacturing and the information services category.

Tech companies added about 9,200 new workers in August.

Massive Tech Occupation Job Losses

The industry’s employment growth was countered by an unexpected loss of 324,000 tech occupation jobs. Those span all industry sectors across the economy.

CompTIA's Tim Herbert

CompTIA’s Tim Herbert

“The latest jobs report confirms

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TikTok tussle shows the uneven economic ‘decoupling’ that has accelerated between U.S. and China

On Saturday, the president said he had approved a deal in which Oracle and Walmart would partner with TikTok in a new, U.S.-controlled company. Designed to address his objections to possible Chinese government harvesting of Americans’ data, the move came after the Commerce Department abruptly announced Friday it would ban TikTok and WeChat, a second Chinese mobile service, from U.S. app stores. A federal judge later issued a temporary injunction blocking the WeChat ban, meaning both platforms remain available in the United States.

The extraordinary trans-Pacific tussle — China’s foreign ministry groused that it showcased Washington’s “hideous agenda of robbery and economic bullying” — is hardly an isolated occurrence for the fast-souring U.S.-China relationship. This month alone, the Chinese government unveiled new global data security standards designed to outflank a rival U.S. initiative. The American ambassador to China quit his post in Beijing, preferring to help Trump’s reelection bid. And

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