Nvidia thinks it can solve video-calling’s greatest challenges

  • Nvidia has released its Maxine developer platform to improve video calls.
  • The platform enables face alignment and eye correction for more natural conversations.
  • Other supported features include dramatic bandwidth savings and video upscaling.

The COVID-19 pandemic means that video-calling has become more important than ever, as companies hold virtual meetings, schools hold online classes, and families connect over the internet in lieu of physical visits.

This widespread shift to video calling has laid bare a few major challenges for the tech, and Nvidia has now announced a solution in the form of its Maxine developer platform (h/t: The Verge).

According to the graphics colossus, Maxine is a suite of video conferencing software powered by Nvidia GPUs in the cloud. And the list of enhancements is pretty intriguing for the most part.

A more natural video-chat experience

The first two major features made possible by Nvidia’s Maxine are gaze correction

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