TikTok touts vigilance to prevent further distressing videos from appearing on its app

In late August, a video of a man dying by suicide was posted on Facebook. The graphic video spread across other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, but it continued to appear on TikTok weeks later as the app struggled to remove the horrific content.

TikTok recently faced the House of Commons to explain how this happened, blaming “bad actors”. On Friday, Australia’s Select Committee on Foreign Interference Through Social Media continued this line of questioning by talking with the controversial app’s local general manager and global chief security officer.

According to TikTok Australia and New Zealand general manager Lee Hunter, the live-stream was taken down, but copies had popped up faster than they could be detected.

“When we had our technology look at that video, we immediately took it down. But when my colleague in the UK was discussing this idea of these bad actors, unfortunately over the

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