New eclipsing double white dwarf binary discovered

New eclipsing double white dwarf binary discovered
Pan-STARRS1 color giy-bands image of ZTF J2243+5242, which is the blue object in the center of the image. Credit: Burdge et al., 2020.

Astronomers from the California Institute of Technology and elsewhere report the detection of a new eclipsing detached double white dwarf binary. The system, designated ZTF J2243+5242 has an orbital period of below 10 minutes, which makes it one of the shortest-period eclipsing binaries known to date. The finding is detailed in a paper published October 7 on

Astronomers are interested in finding and studying double white dwarfs (DWDs), as their mergers are believed to produce new white dwarfs with higher masses. It is assumed that some high-mass white dwarfs in the solar neighborhood could be DWD merger products.

The Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF), using the Palomar Observatory in California, is one of the most important astronomical surveys to search for double white dwarf binary systems. So

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Blue and White minister: We’ll depose Netanyahu if he goes to elections

Science and Technology Minister Izhar Shay has threatened that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tries to go to new elections during the current crisis the Blue and White party will “ensure” that he does not remain in his position.The minister’s comments come as trust between Netanyahu’s Likud and its senior coalition partner Blue and White has sunk to new lows in recent days, amid a renewed fight over the state budget and political demonstrations.“The Likud is going to abuse the citizens; whoever goes to elections will pay the price,” said Shai on Channel 12’s Meet the Press program in reference to comments made by Likud MKs and coalition chairman Miki Zohar of late calling on the prime minister to break up the coalition.“The Likud made known this week through Miki Zohar that they will not work on the budget in order to dismantle the government,” said Shai.A state budget for
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3,500-pound great white shark dubbed “Queen of the Ocean” spotted off North America’s coast

A 3,500 pound great white shark dubbed Nukumi — meaning “Queen of the Ocean” — has been spotted off the coast of Nova Scotia. The massive 50-year-old shark was tagged and released by Ocearch, a research and exploring team that hopes its latest trip out to sea provides new clues to unravel the mysteries of great whites.

“When you see these big females like that that have scars from decades over their lives and multiple mating cycles, you can really kinda see the story of their life unfolding across all the blotches and healed wounds on their body,” team leader Chris Fischer told CBS News’ Jeff Glor. “It really hits you differently thank you would think.”   

A 50-year-old, 3,500-pound shark nicknamed Nukumi, meaning “Queen of the Ocean.”

CBS News/Ocearch

Tagging Nukumi, one of the largest great white sharks ever seen, was the crowning achievement of Ocearch’s month-long trip off

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The White House Announces Quantum.Gov and Quantum Frontiers Report

Oct. 7, 2020 — The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) has announced the launch of, the official website of the National Quantum Coordination Office, and the release of the Quantum Frontiers Report identifying key areas for continued quantum information science (QIS) research.

“With the launch of, the White House has created an online home for the National Quantum Coordination Office and a new digital hub for the growing quantum community to connect with wide-ranging activities underway across the Federal Government. The newly published Quantum Frontiers Report lays out critical research questions for the entire U.S. innovation ecosystem to tackle in the years ahead, and will serve as an important roadmap for researchers around the country,” said Michael Kratsios, U.S. Chief Technology Officer. will feature resources and news on QIS activities from across the Federal government, geared towards both the research community and the

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17-Foot Great White Shark Caught Off Nova Scotia, Tagged


  • The great white shark weighed 3,541 pounds and measured 17 feet 2 inches in length
  • It was named Nukumi by OCEARCH, a non-profit research organization
  • She was the largest shark discovered in the Northwest Atlantic under the team’s project called Expedition Nova Scotia 

A great white shark weighing 3,541 pounds and stretching 17 feet 2 inches in length was found by researchers in the waters off Nova Scotia, Canada.

Due to its massive size, the female white shark was described as “Queen of the Ocean” by researchers from OCEARCH, a non-profit marine research organization.

“We named her Nukumi, pronounced noo-goo-mee, for the legendary wise old grandmother figure of the Native American Mi’kmaq people,” OCEARCH said in a Facebook post. The post said the Native American Mi’kmaq people have deep roots in Canadian Maritime provinces.

Moving forward, Nukumi will help OCEARCH with its relevant studies on marine species. 


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Huge ‘queen of the ocean’ great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia

Huge 'queen of the ocean' great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia
Huge ‘queen of the ocean’ great white shark tagged offshore of Nova Scotia

OCEARCH is a non-profit organization that focuses on the research of the “ocean’s giants”. The team has just discovered an approximately 50-year-old great white shark off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Using the hashtag #FactsOverFear, the company shares important data discovered by their research. Nukumi’s story is an example of how their work goes beyond the data.

On Saturday, OCEARCH shared that “We named her ‘Nukumi’, pronounced noo-goo-mee, for the legendary wise old grandmother figure of the Native American Mi’kmaq people.”

Nukumi is 1,606 kilograms and almost 5.25 metres long. OCEARCH shared a video of the extrodinary tagging process:

Embedded content:

The team tracks the sharks to learn about their migration patterns and uncover overall new shark-related information.

Chris Fischer, founding chairman and expedition leader, shared that he was “awestruck” when he was next to Nukumi.

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Researchers find ‘Queen of the Ocean’ ancient great white shark off Nova Scotia coast

Researchers off the coast of Nova Scotia found a nearly 2-ton great white shark believed to be roughly 50 years old, dubbing her a true “Queen of the Ocean.”

Coming in at more than 17 feet long and 3,541 pounds, she is the largest shark the group has been able to sample in the Northwest Atlantic, according to a Friday Facebook post by OCEARCH, a non-profit marine research organization. She’s been named Nukumi for “the legendary wise old grandmother figure” of the Indigenous Mi’kmaq people, a First Nations group native to that region of Canada.

Chris Fischer, the OCEARCH expedition leader, called Nukumi a “proper Queen of the Ocean” in a video log posted Saturday.

“She’s probably 50-years-old and certainly her first litters of pups she would have been having 30 years ago are also making babies, really humbling to stand next to a large animal like that,” Fischer said.

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How Blue and White is both Left and Right

The party formed to represent the Israeli center has been going to extremes.On one side there are the loud voices from the Left side of the party, but there are voices on the Center-Right side as well.On the Center-Left, there is Tourism Minister Asaf Zamir, whose resignation takes effect on Monday; Science and Technology Minister Izhar Shay, who almost quit last week; and MKs Miki Haimovich and Ram Shefa, who voted against limits on political demonstrations in the Knesset.Haimovich made news on Sunday, when she said there is a group that is growing in Blue and White that is interested in breaking up the partnership with Likud. Other MKs talked about starting to vote more independently.But even if they are growing, they are still the minority in the party. The overwhelming majority of the MKs in the Blue and White-Derech Eretz-Labor bloc prefers staying the course and continuing the strategy
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COVID in the White House: a drastic case of science trumping politics

One can only wish Donald Trump (and first lady Melania Trump) a full recovery from COVID-19. In the meantime, the president’s illness could save many lives. To date, his focus has been on manipulating the truth about how this deadly disease is prevented — through wearing masks and social distancing — so as to minimize its effect on his reelection bid. Ironically, his illness exposes his lies to the surprisingly large minority of the population who believed him. Let’s hope they don’t continue to go maskless in public and thus follow Trump to the edge of the COVID-19 precipice.

May the president’s and first lady’s illness be a wake-up call to our country that when it comes to our nation’s health, science trumps politics.

Dr. Deborah Bershel


“Nothing ever becomes real till experienced,” wrote John Keats. And after nine months of downplaying, contradicting, and ignoring the recommendations of scientists,

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At White House’s urging, Republicans launch anti-tech blitz ahead of election

Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), meanwhile, is holding a markup of new legislation on Thursday aimed at addressing allegations of an anti-conservative bias on social media. It’s the fastest any bill to revamp the legal shield has moved from introduction to a markup on Capitol Hill in recent memory.

Both committees are targeting liability protections that have been credited with fueling Silicon Valley’s success. The provision — enshrined in a 1996 law known as Section 230 — has allowed online businesses to grow without fear of lawsuits over user posts or their decisions to remove or otherwise moderate users’ content.

Both lawmakers have reason to want to get in the White House’s good graces. Graham, a prominent Trump ally, is facing the fight of his political life to hold onto his South Carolina seat against Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison. And Wicker will want to maintain a firm hold on

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