Domino’s Costs Are Rising, but You Shouldn’t Worry

It isn’t an everyday occurrence that a company reports strong revenue and profit gains and experiences a sharp decrease in the stock price, falling 7% for the day. Yet that’s exactly what happened after Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ) released its fiscal third-quarter 2020 results, which covered the period that ended on Sept. 6.

This seemingly incongruous situation may leave you scratching your head. So it’s a good time to look deeper into the report to see if there is anything that’s concerning.

A man in a red shirt and hat is holding two pizza boxes.

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Demand remains strong

With strong roots in delivering pizzas that go back to its founding 60 years ago, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Domino’s has done well during the pandemic. Excluding foreign exchange translations, its third-quarter total sales grew by nearly 15%. Broken out geographically, U.S. same-store sales (comps) rose by 17.5% and were more than 6% higher internationally.

It is not merely the pandemic

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Analysts worry about UK 5G support in ‘iPhone 12’

Members of the UK’s telecommunications industry are concerned that support for the country’s 5G networks may be limited in the upcoming “iPhone 12” release, with fears it may not include support for 700MHz networks.

It is believed 5G will be an important feature for the 2020 iPhone range, with the new communications technology promising high speed connectivity to consumers. However, Apple’s popular iPhone may cause issues for some carriers, depending on Apple’s implementation of the technology.

According to analysts speaking to The Telegraph, if Apple elects to not include support for 700MHz 5G bands, this could prevent it from working fully with carriers that build out their networks using it. Carriers are expected to take part in a 700MHz spectrum auction set to take place in early 2021, organized by national regulator Ofcom.

Carriers had the opportunity to reuse existing unused spectrum they own for 5G

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General Atomics Is the Domestic Drone Surveillnce Name to Worry About

We live in a heavily surveilled country. According to a report from late last year, the U.S. has roughly one surveillance camera for every four people. That’s already a startling lack of privacy, but surveillance experts warn Americans living in cities could soon find themselves with essentially no privacy at all. They say we could soon enter a time when drones that were designed for the military are constantly surveilling our cities from above.

Barry Summers, an activist who researches military drone integration, tells the Daily Dot that he started thinking about domestic drone surveillance back in 2012 when the Los Angeles Times did a story on the Pentagon working with the FAA to open U.S. airspace to the drones they were using in the Middle East. He says he found this alarming, and eventually he started looking into what other information he could find out about the plans for

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Worry, fear of COVID-19 amplifies risk of substance abuse — ScienceDaily

Long after a COVID-19 vaccination is developed and years after the coronavirus death toll is tallied, the impact on mental health will linger, continuing to inflict damage if not addressed, according to new research. Michael Zvolensky, University of Houston Hugh Roy and Lillie Cranz Cullen Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and director of the Anxiety and Health Research Laboratory/Substance Use Treatment Clinic, has published two papers discussing the psychological, addictive and health behavior issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic from a behavioral science perspective.

“The impact of COVID-19 on psychological symptoms and disorders, addiction and health behavior is substantial and ongoing and will negatively impact people’s mental health and put them at greater risk for chronic illness and drug addiction,” reports Zvolensky in Behaviour Research and Therapy. “It will not equally impact all of society. Those at greater risk are those that have mental health vulnerabilities or disorders.”

For instance,

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Shut UK Nightclubs Worry About Not Seeing Light Of Day

Inside a former London newspaper printing factory turned nightclub, a roaming urban fox has replaced throngs of dancers shut out by the coronavirus pandemic.

Six months after Covid-19 turned off the music and lights at London’s Printworks and similar dance venues across Britain, there is no knowing when they will reopen.

The UK government on Friday warned that a second nationwide lockdown could be imminent as virus cases surge once more.

Nightclubs are fighting for their survival, said London's Printworks club co-founder Simeon Aldred Nightclubs are fighting for their survival, said London’s Printworks club co-founder Simeon Aldred Photo: AFP / TOLGA AKMEN

Britain has been the worst-hit country in Europe by the pandemic, with nearly 42,000 deaths from the virus.

Numbers of new cases are meanwhile reaching levels not seen since April, with some attributed to illegal raves.

“We’re fighting for our survival,” Printworks’ co-founder Simeon Aldred told AFP, from the nightclub that just a few months ago welcomed up to 5,000 clubbers

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