Vivo’s X50 Pro changes the smartphone-photography experience forever with built-in gimbal

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The smartphone camera changed the way we all captured the world. Today you can capture a moment and share it with your world with the click of a few buttons. There’s no need for a DSLR or your laptop anymore. Having used smartphone cameras for a while now, we all know that it isn’t just a click of a button. We need to stay stable, adjust our angle and do lot more to get that perfect click. Prosumer users will also tell you that they use gimbals and stabilizers to get that perfect shot or shoot that super smooth video.

vivo understands these issues and therefore decided to change the smartphone photography game with their all new vivo X50 Pro once and for all. The X50 Pro delivers an all-new professional-grade photography experience, comprising a 48MP Gimbal main camera and a 13MP professional portrait camera, as well as an 8MP super wide-angle lens and 8MP 5x telescopic lens along with a 32MP front camera.

Innovative Technology

The vivo X50 Pro’s Gimbal Camera System is a product of vivo’s capacity for innovating to build cutting-edge consumer technologies. The highly complex gimbal structure was originally 588mm2 and 5.5mm thick, but after continuous adjustment, vivo’s engineers reduced its surface area by 40 percent to 363mm2 and its thickness to 4.5mm. The final stacking design balances the exterior look and interior layout, allowing for a slim phone with an advanced quad camera on the rear, consisting of the 48MP main camera, along with 13MP, 13MP, and 8MP lenses. The Gimbal Camera System also has adequate structural protection, and its distance from the screen is only 0.13mm.

Super Stabilization

While shooting with X50 Pro’s main camera, if the smartphone tilts, pans, or rolls, the Gimbal Camera System’s gyroscope will calculate the direction and displacement of the shake. Using electromagnetic forces, the entire gimbal module will move in the opposite direction to compensate for shaking. Throughout this process, the module adjusts its position with a refresh rate of 100Hz to stabilize the frame at all times.

Ordinary stabilization on most cameras is meant for ‘small shakes’ made by your hand while shooting. The Gimbal Camera System on the X50 Pro is made to handle real-world scenarios such as you shoot while running or in a moving vehicle. The camera’s gimbal system is able to compensate for the movement being made leaving you with ultra-smooth video and crystal-clear photos.

Other features

The vivo X50 Pro camera is not just about stabilization though. Here are some of the features the X50 Pro packs:

Superb Night Camera: X50 Pro makes every night shot stunningly sharp and crystal clear. Using the IMX598 sensor, the overall light sensitivity is stepped up 10 per cent, resulting in outstanding compositions.

Extreme Night Vision: Accompanied by vivo’s innovative new artificial intelligence denoise algorithm, the Extreme Night Vision feature kicks in automatically when extreme darkness is detected.

Astro Mode: This mode penetrates the darkest night and captures whatever lies beneath it – both city and country scenes at night are captured with astute clarity.

Pro Sports Mode: The X50 Pro can take motion snapshots with almost zero-delay, thanks to a customized sensor, which reduces exposure time. The smartphone can capture people playing sport or engaging in activities that involve a lot of motion with impressive speed and precision.

Motion AF Tracking: Motion AF Tracking enables users to use the autozoom feature to zoom in on any object in a frame and keep it in focus. 3D Sound Tracking also follows the sound coming from a chosen subject – no matter where it goes.

Portrait Mode: Powered by a four-layer masking algorithm, Portrait Mode allows users to separate the subject from the background and apply separate effects for a more refined result.

Cinematic Master: Users can film anything they like with the X50 Pro just as a professional vlog editing crew would. The combination of OIS and the accurate bokeh algorithm helps users to turn raw footage into a well-crafted work of art.

Digital Zoom: 60x Hyper Zoom – X50 Pro’s 60x Hyper Zoom is realized through integrating vivo’s zooming algorithm to a 5x telescopic camera with a periscopic lens. Together with the super stability delivered by the Gimbal Camera System, users can get close to things previously out of reach.

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